Beginning again.

I feel as if I am beginning again. However, I have so many things in place from when I really first began this creative journey.
I am beginning again, but I am not starting from scratch.
The trials of the past have given me perseverance I had not idea I possessed.

I am still recovering from a major life change but I am allowing my life to become better and trying very hard to not become bitter... I am finding that I am not having to try so hard at it lately.

I have hope.
I have a new vision.
I have wisdom to stop and pray.
I have Grace.
I have Mercy.
And most of all, I have love.
I have the love of so many sweet supporters and friends and family. People who constantly encourage me and remind me of why I create. Why I love to teach people. Why I get out of bed each morning.

I have a commitment to stop and spend time with God and meditate each day with him on the creative process he has called me to. I had forgotten what peace and joy there is in that little bubble of meditation. That fellowship is exactly what makes everything right in my world and I am eager to get  back to it more and more over the next year.



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