Doll Journey: It Isn't over Yet!

Some might call this the end of the journey, when the project is complete, but it isn't over yet!
It is really only just beginning.
 A new doll has been born!
A new season! A new Birth to celebrate!
A name has been chosen!
It is my privilege to introduce to you:


Her name is quite simple and may not totally relate to the multiple meanings, but it suits.
I think of the little light these little bugs give off in an increasingly darkening sky.
They joy they gave me as a child and the wonder of how they lit up.
It totally suits!

I want to send out a special thanks again to the 14 ladies that gave her wings.
Joetta Adams,
Judi Burkhalter,
Jeanne Evans,
Aryd’ell Hotelling,
Gail Isbel,
Rose Mary Jameson,
Catherine King,
Gwen Mazzocco,
Candys McCulley,
Gale Michel,
Ann Page,
Karan Parker,
Debra Pyeatt, and
Jena Tuntas
You all sent so many home to me that not all of them were used but everyone of them blessed me!
I am sure they will all find a home at some point.
 You made it possible for me to meet the deadline with a completed vision.
And thanks to Natalie with her camera and to
my husband  building a light box, I have awesome photos!
Now to see if she is accepted into the exhibit....
Blessings to each one of you!


Unknown said…
Oh she has turned out so fantastic, your idea and beading are amazing!
Beautiful, beautiful work! So glad you finished her in time, keeping my fingers crossed for you that she's accepted and admired by many :)
What a triumph!
Anonymous said…
Stunning doll!

Jumping up and down with excitement that you got her done and mailed on time.

Thank you for letting me help give her wing(s).

Now I'm crossing my TOES that she gets in. Sorry, ;D, got to have my fingers for beading all the Bird RR dolls that are coming my way.

Candys in Oklahoma
She turned out simply beautiful...thanks for including me in the wings...good luck!
Anonymous said…
She is so beautiful and inspiring. Can I ask if you make the form or you purchase it. If you do purchase it could you give me an idea where to purchase one. Thanks, Lynne UK
Carol Kerns said…
I finally made it to your blog! As you know, I've been busy. :-) Firefly turned out just beautifully... I feel so honored to have seen her in process!

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