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We have completed two weeks of school. Yay!! It has been an undertaking and soon it will level out and be quite enjoyable. I am very thankful that it is a 3 day weekend. My sweet husband is not working this weekend either. Rest, Peace, and more Rest is the name of the game.
Monday we will attend the family shooting tournament. We have discovered after only two opportunities that my oldest child is really good at shooting skeet. I am eager to see him have fun with the family, even if it is shooting at things. I think the little one will get to try for the first time too. My DH even thought of protecting his sensitive ears and bought some Winchester earmuffs for him. He has often had problems with loud sounds overwhelming him.
The children's ministry is in its 6th week so I really need to get a picture of our "Super Heroes". The leaders, teachers, and volunteers wear capes to add a little bit of fun to our lesson. It is wonderful and the kids seem to have really enjoyed it…