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Doll Journey: The Creative Spirit

Whenever I create a doll, I am whisked away by the Creative Spirit. It is that little voice inside me that directs me down the path. With "Firefly" that voice was harder to hear and spoke far fewer words, just as you might expect from a doll that is asking the for the flames to be fanned into an inferno from just a smoldering coal. The vision grew into a brighter light. Now we have "The Flood". It is indeed  a flood of ideas, a rushing movement of a fluid life. It is another representation of one's life captured in art, a piece that has identified what cannot be explained in words. The face of "The Flood" is aware, somewhat serene, but will keep you wondering.
Since first creating this doll's form, there have been many projects to complete, strict schedules to stick too, and the mundane everyday chores to be kept up with. In addition to all of these, I have been working with injuries. Last Monday, I sprained my ankle- I learned how hard it is to …

Doll Journey: Distracted

Wow, who would have thought anything could stop a Flood?!  
Well Little "Lady Bird" has done just that.
 There is no apology necessary for getting distracted with this little bird challenge from BAD. Baby pink is not my usual go to color. In fact, I tend to avoid it when possible. Pastels are just not my thing. Ever since I created a bunch of birds for kits for the Texas Bead Retreat, I have been eyeing a pink form that had little birds printed on it. I KNOW- again with the birds!
She took form when several things collided. The form hanging around, the challenge, a face laying on my table rejected by The Flood, and then the final factor. There was a news story about folks complaining about the mowers wanting to mow down some of the wildflowers early due to limited visibility. Of course the story could not be aired without retelling the story of "Lady Bird Johnson's" Highway Beautification Program, because that is were the wildflowers originated. It is also h…

Doll Journey: The Flood, the Big Reveal

Along with a new doll, a flood of other things have been flowing on and off my desk. Wow, what a rush!
The list I had has been dwindled down to just a few things undone. I did finish my Gualtier Challenge piece and outfit, the vests, curtains, and even got that RR bird winging its way to completion.

  I had planned on designing a new advanced Cog Kit for my Bead Fest students but all I managed to do was get my samples sent to Interweave for a photo shoot. I am delighted that asked to include my samples in their promotional photos.
This morning, a new "Steamin' Inchies" kit and tutorial materialized...I wish it were really that easy but it was easier than some other tutorials I've written.
Now for the The Big Reveal The Rushing Waters of The Flood are Coming your way!


Doll Journey: Obedience

Firefly went to the "Unlocking the Heart of the Artist  Exhibit," held by The Worship Studio in Georgia, with many thanks from some special bead angels,  we were rewarded for our effort. She was chosen as one of the two "Honorable Mentions."

I know we all dread that word "obedience" but really it is not so dreadful. It is not at all an unhappy experience when you get your head in the game and your heart set right and just do what it is that you are being called to. The rewards, the blessings far outweigh any discomfort or inconvenience you may experience in the beginning. Really, it beats the snot out of the consequences too.

I usually begin a doll with a specific motivation to hold me steadfast and to be obedient to the vision. This time the motivation didn't come until it was almost to late to complete the piece for its purpose. With the exception of the Round Robin dolls, I have always completed every stitch by my own hand. This doll was a first, she ha…