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You have been tagged

Having been tagged means I must tag 7 others who will in turn tell 7 little know facts about themselves and then tag 7 others.
We have a new member over in BAD and her name is Pam-- true to our fun nature over there I will tag her- Pam, you have been tagged! Hmm that one was easy who else needs to be tagged????
JJ- ,Rosalie- Oh I know Pat Winter and naow I have to tag three more. This is much harder than it looks! I hope my tagged folks are going to have an easier time with this. I did go and see Gretchen's blog and thought I would tag her while I was there. I guess I am only gonna get to tag 5, the others I had in mind have already been tagged.
Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy looking at my altered cd and a collar I am working on. The collar was inspired by and will include a cross that was gifted to me by Barbara Judy. Thanks Barbara, I told you I was going to have to do something special with it! I think this definately qualifies! Have a blessed day!

Tag I'm it!

I have just been tagged by a dear friend, Aryd'ell, you can see her blog here: http://http// According to the rules I must tell seven little known things about myself.
1) I was diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy and was treated for foot deformations until I was eight years old. I am going strong and walking more than you think by the Grace of God.
2) I attribute all my artistic talent to the calling God has on my life, to share His love and creative nature with others.
3) I clean when I get mad- and when I am on the phone. I also watch TV when I fold laundry otherwise I don't watch it at all. My house is usually in a state of mild disarray unless I have been upset and need to blow off steam or have been chatting on the phone way too long!
4) I am still able to put my feet behind my head- I have no idea why that would be fun to do anymore though.
5) I am very particular about my art work to the point of wearing myself out over it-but I find it is all wor…

Pink Ribbon Turtle tickets are on sale now!

The “Pink Ribbon Turtles” Drawing is in its fourth year. The drawing was begun in 2005 in memory of my mother, Nina Isabelle Etheredge Fritz, and in honor and memory of all of those who have been affected by Breast Cancer.
I’m proud to announce that this year there are three “Pink Ribbon Turtles”. One of the turtles has been designed and created by artist Jena M Tuntas.
The other two turtles are a collective effort of 8 different extremely talented beadwork artists. The sale of tickets will begin on October 1st and continue until the drawing dates. The drawing for “Jewels of the Sea” by artist Jena M Tuntas will be held on Sunday, November 30, 2008 at bead store “All Strung Out” in Cocoa Beach, Florida.
The drawing for the other two turtles “Ling” and “Kameko” will be held on Friday, December 12, 2008. For those who read Beadwork Magazine, this is a change of the date stated in the October/November 2008 Issue of Beadwork Magazine.
For more information about making donations, obtaining ti…