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After giving in to the desire to just work in my journal instead of all the other "crafts"  that I love,  I began to question the purpose of it all. Why am I spending so much time on this when it isn't going to be something I can give or sell or even market in any way? What am I doing this for? What is it's purpose? It all boils down the the latter question. What IS its purpose, what function does it serve? You can't wear it, you can't hang it- all you can do is look at it (when you are done). Then I came upon something profound- a revelation. I have to "re purpose" my thoughts and feelings towards this endeavor, this visual journal. I have to admit I don't really know what purpose it serves but it must be a good one or I would not gravitate so heavily to it.  I have to rest in the fact that I may not know! In fact, I don't! I may not have all the details but it will make a difference somehow. It has already started a reflective process in m…

Juelles Designs

I have another special friend that always manages to get me into some kind of trouble ( I have a knack for getting her into trouble too so it is mutual). Mind you, it is always good trouble. We have a terrific time together that is always full of laughs. I managed to cobble onto one of her stunning patterns, they can be found in her Etsy shop. I have been in love with this pendant since the first time I laid eyes on it. Here is my sweet the bead retreat. And this is the magnificent design I have loved for so long.
This one will be donated to an auction that will raise money for some of our kids to go to Atlanta for a Teen Mania mission trip. My son will not be going but we are trying to pitch in to make it possible for the others. Blessings.

What is in a name...

I think I need to name my serger now... this project as made it a close second to my sewing machine.  This jacket is made from 11 shirts and 2 skirts, most of which were purchase at Goodwill. Recycle and Reuse!
The many textures all together are  a tactile fantasy land!
So, what should I name my sweet serger. I have to tell you it was a gift from a beading friend who knew I would use it more than she had. You darn right I will useit!  In fact,  I have used it so much that I had to let it cool off a few times! Blessings!


My fellow friends in blogger land have turned their thoughts to a Japanese custom for honoring broken needles used in their embroidery and various stitching. I really hadn't given much thought to honoring my supplies, but really we should think about it. Here we are blessed to have these supplies and use them to create incredible works for others to enjoy or even just to pass the time away. So much of ourselves go into each project that we should be so thankful for the tools we use. Here is a link to one such artist who has considered this to be a worthy cause,  Susan Elliot's Blog.  I love to watch her process of creating, it is nothing shy of genius.
A friend of mine suggested that we name our favorite appliances, and I thought about my favorite appliance, my sewing machine. I have had it for many years and it didn't have a name. Well because it has been abused all these years, I called it Quasimodo. My little way of honoring for all the years of service that went by with…

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days where you just needed a little pick me up? I spent all day yesterday in a funk that I couldn't shake. I even received somethings I had been waiting for and it didn't even put a dent in the dark cloud looming over my head. The mail lady brought my "Blog2Print" book, it wasn't supposed to ship until February 22nd. I even received money in the mail- eveybody like to get money in the mail!
Most of my day was done and my Dear Hubby came home  with a package. A what? Yes, he checked the mail and I had completely missed two little bubble mailers. Each one contained a doll form from a swap hosted by the Beaded Art Doll yahoo group. One of them was a little green fishy. This wasn't any ordinary fishy, its creator knew I was smitten with that cute little whimsical fish. She was also the swap host and arranged ever so cleverly to send her swap form to me. What a huge blessing. She remembered that I loved that little form, and she use…


Have you ever anxiously awaited a package? I have been waiting for almost a year for a few of my creations to return home. I sent them to Stampington's (Altered Couture). They clearly state in the submissions guidelines that they may keep them longer if they intend to use them. I sent them in March and just before Thanksgiving I received news that they would like to use them. A big Hurray! The issue is due to come out this month and I am eagerly awaiting the magazine and my altered pieces to come home. I miss them! I can't wait to lay my hands on the stitches and the feel the fabrics again This is one that I miss the most! I named it "She Bop". 

 I have completed a driving safety course (at the last minute) and have awaited the certificate. I even paid for 2 day delivery and  It came but I can't get to my mailbox to send it on to the appropriate authorities.  They are supposed to have it by Monday and it feels like -3 degrees outside and it isn't due to thaw un…