Have you ever anxiously awaited a package? I have been waiting for almost a year for a few of my creations to return home. I sent them to Stampington's (Altered Couture). They clearly state in the submissions guidelines that they may keep them longer if they intend to use them. I sent them in March and just before Thanksgiving I received news that they would like to use them. A big Hurray! The issue is due to come out this month and I am eagerly awaiting the magazine and my altered pieces to come home. I miss them! I can't wait to lay my hands on the stitches and the feel the fabrics again
This is one that I miss the most! I named it "She Bop". 

 I have completed a driving safety course (at the last minute) and have awaited the certificate. I even paid for 2 day delivery and  It came but I can't get to my mailbox to send it on to the appropriate authorities.  They are supposed to have it by Monday and it feels like -3 degrees outside and it isn't due to thaw until Friday. There is a solid sheet of ice on most of our roads.
I also ordered some much sought after rings(supplies for a beading kit)  from Canada and they also have come. I learned I will have to order a smaller size but I am just so thrilled to find a source that the inconvience and loss of funds from the first order are just not important or discouraging. I am sourcing the larger ring of the middle set.
I found a publisher, Blog2Print, that will compile the posts of your blog and print it as a hard-bound or laminated soft-bound book for you (starting at 14.95). I had seen this before and I think that it was finally time I had the years set to print for friends and family to browse and there is just something wonderful about turning the pages of a book. It wasn't supposed to be shipped until Feb 22nd, but I got an email saying it has already shipped.

Knowing me, I would still slip and fall on my keester.
I know our mail lady and she is probably having a blast in this ice- she is one of those big kids that thinks it is great to NEED to use the 4 wheel drive (if she is not freezing too much- it IS brutal out there).
 Oh well, I will continue to walk in this uncanny peace while I wait for all of these things to work out. Don't get me wrong, all of these things are fighting for attention even though there is nothing to be done about them. I just need to stay focused on the one that makes straight my paths! It is ALL Good!


Beth said…
So happy to have included you in Altered Couture. Please submit again!

Happy creating : )

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