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In demand!

My time seems to be in demand today- kids want undivided attention, hubby actually asked for help working on the house ( wooo hooo we are gonna have walls soon), Miss Katy called me about a meeting we are going to together and left a message (sorry Katy, can't keep up with my phone these days), even my mother in law needed some info about dinner tomorrow. That funny story is gonna have to wait until tomorrow- I need a nap!

Those kitties!

I have the funniest story to tell you but I haven't time this morning. I have got to get these kids to work on time since they woke us up at 5:00 am playing video games. GRrrrr... I will get pictures of the aftermath of said event and post them after school.

And a bit of good news-- our new house now has electricity!!

Have a blessed day!


I didn't want to post too much on Christmas day... It was really a rough day and I tried so hard to stay positive. You see we were snowed under- I mean in. It was the first white Christmas in a very long time in Dallas ( I think a family member said 111 years- dunno if that is correct). We decided to postpone our trip to the in-laws which meant our youngest didn't get the ONE thing he really wanted. He was quite a pill to take. I laid down to avoid that inevitable explosion I felt was going to erupt if I had to deal with him any longer. I was awakened 3 1/2 hours later by  my husband telling me that my sweet inlaws were coming to our dirty home (my words not his). I am telling you I hadn't done any real housework in two whole weeks. I did dishes and "kinda"  picked up, but it went mostly ignored.. I was on my vacation! My 14 year old learned to scrub the tub in record time. I know my MIL didn't come to take a bath but... It needed to be done in order to have …

Merry Christmas

Here is my sweet family enjoying Christmas day. That fella on the left is one character!
You think he is excited?

I am so glad those hats are done, AND they were loved!
Here's Nathaniel playing that game he really wanted!
Wolfee loved the box, and Princess was after the bows.

I finished it!!!

Okay, I saw a post on Running with Scissors about her makeover. If of course she could wear anything she wanted to and get away with it. In her post was a photo from a UK website of this sweet jacket. I had to  have it, only one problem... 72.99 (sterling pounds) translated into over $100 US dollars. Sorry no can do at least not when I am an imaginative sewer. I found a pattern that mimicked the lines on the front and back and began to recreate this look on my own.
In progress with creative bustling happening. I used Simplicity pattern # 2581 cropped just below the waist and added corseting  loops in the back and  then made up my own bustle pattern. I had to get really creative with the bustling because the fabric I used was purchased at a garage sale for $3.00 many years ago. There was not enough to do this the way one should be doing it. I made up for some of the missing fabric by using a contrasting solid black for the lining of the collar and center front panels. I think I will do t…

It is in the mail.

I should kick myself for not photographing the bundle I mailed off today to Dot, but I won't. It really hurts when you do that.  I will just go back to my last minute Christmas gift making.  I also have another knit hat to make. I am thankful that Gina (from church) told me about picking stitches instead of throwing them. I was skeptical at first, I thought there was no way I could retrain my hands again. Well I did manage to learn and find it a dream. Now my wrist is telling me I am overworking it. I don't know what it is talking about.....

I visited some shops on the Historic Decatur Sqare  where the most gorgeous courthouse sits- I could be just a little biased. I admit it, this pink limestone courthouse is a familiar childhood icon. You can see it for miles!

One of the shops I visited had the old fashioned flour sack towels  that just had to go home with me. There were the perfect thing to add these pretty pieced angels to.  So I settled in and this is what I came up with …

More beadin'

Beading and my bead buddies are really keeping me going this holiday. I have been working on the winter challenge that is due in January. I also want to finish a doll or two to use as samples for the class I am teaching at that same January meeting. In light of all this I have also stumbled upon the greatest idea for a Bead Dreams submission in the wearable catagory that has not been done before. I have even begun to place design elements into that process. I really need to sketch those out soon too, or it is going to eat at me.
Here is my winter challenge entry. His name is Pearl and he belong to my son and he called him sno-puppy. He convinced me last year to buy the "Sno-buddy" from Starbuck's and I put him in his stocking for Christmas. My kids always get a soft animal/doll in the top of their stocking and Nathaniel loves his the most. This was almost tossed out with the bedroom trash and I saved him. I make it a habit to check their trash since toys are often thrown a…

Too revealing? Naahh

I took this picture to show the chain detailing that I missed on the previous post, then I realized that it has more of my suprise beaded peice than I was ready to share. Oh well,I am almost done with it so you can see a little more. After all, you have to know that I am actually working on something right? Wouldn't be very fair to show you a project and not share the finished project or worse leave it in the UFO bin.
I am so eager to finish so that I can show you the whole picture- with it ON.

Here is the front pocket with the beautiful montees I purchased on ebay. You gotta be careful when you sew them on- they will cut your thread and be very naughty!

This is the back and it also had those pretty montees. There are 51 of them so far. I am not sure if I will use more of them or not. I still have some naked places to work on but I have finally found the inspiration I was waiting for to complete it. You just can't have all that detailing and not continue it throughout the peice.

working on that challenge piece

I had started several times on a name badge challenge peice for the Dallas Bead Society. I have to use the plastic name badge as a base for whatever I make and it had to be 50% beads. Well I came up with this as my third attempt.

I decided after working long and hard on this that I am not gonna ruin  it by being cheeky and putting my name on it as it is shown in the picture.  This has taken on a new life and will take some time to complete as most of it is done in 15s. I will get the progress photo later. But, I have had to come up with and finish a different idea - before saturday!!! Well with some already in progress pieces that never grew into a full project (the beaded beads and lengths of cellini spirals) I came up with a whole new design.

I don't know if it qualifies as 50% beaded, but I love it anyhow and will wear it with pride. It Has "Ralonda" written all over it (Well it does). The chain is very Victorian in its draping  and it has an art glass focal as a count…


Why have I never heard of this before? Holy Moly, this would have been a huge help for this long legged lady from the time she was a pre-teen with floods on! How could I have not been privy to these jewels of fashion until now? Thank you Jesus that I now have this knowledge!
Here is a picture my very first pair of spats- there will definately be more in the future. I haven't posted a pic of the jumper these were made to go with, but this was a solution to the problem of not being able to find that perfect pair of boots to match a handmade garment. The jumper is made of the same fabric and is a little on the short side (which is why I needed boots) and I have to wear leggings underneath it (which are always too short) (which is another reason I needed boots). These babies are a dream-- I can now go hog wild!!!

Working with setbacks.

Here is a sneak peak of another garment in a collection I am making. This is one of the 14mm Rivolis I ordered from Whimbeads.You can see there are supposed to be three. Each one is a different size. I ordered 3 18mm verderivolis but she only had one in stock so I will use it and two others I ordered. They are on there way, but until then I will work elsewhere on this garment. They were super nice when I called and I took her suggestion on what rivoli to go with to match these. I can't wait to see what they look like together. I am sure I am going to love it- who doesn't like a rivoli?

This is Wolfee (wolf-eeee) and this is typical of her lounging. I actually had to move her paws aside to get to those yummy copper delicas under there. She slept through the whole thing. She was number 4 of Princess' litter.

This is Princess- aka "mamma". She thought she would help me create a pattern from a vintage apron that I found falling apart at a resale shop. She kept attacki…

Been workin at it.

Pink angel
Just think about it.

Stump dolls

Tah Dah!

Aren't these booties I mean beauties precious. How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say "Our God reigns" Isaiah 52:7


Great turnips from Grandma's garden- what a blessing. This is a great display of color too. I just love it!

What kinda kid puts ice cubes in his warm chicken noodle soup? Apparently mine does!

One of my favorite things about my house has now been covered with siding! I took this picture to remind me that His blessing in on this house! I took pictures of this cross when I first found it (after they poured the concrete in the walls) and it is still there. I almost missed it before it was completely covered up.

I have more pictures to share but I have to wait until the items are delivered to their owners. I am also working on a new altered project that takes me to a place of great peace and joy every time I work on it. More to come on that project too.

Have a blessed day and remember it is God's plan for you to be in health and to prosper.

Land of Odds

I have been awaiting the day that I could share these amazing photos. Well now I can! They were taken by Bradford Bosher, a fellow Dallas Bead Society member. Let me introduce to you, "Willow" my entry for the Land of Odds 2009 All Dolled Up Beaded Art Doll Competition themed "Earthen Mother". Four of the six Semi-finalists, including myself, are members of an amazing group on yahoo- Beaded Art Dolls (congratulations to you too). This is the single most spiritually heart wrenching pieces I have ever made. My inspiration for her came from the struggles of mothers of children with special needs and from what Mary (mother of Jesus and the only "perfect" child ever born) must have gone through too. In my opinion all children have special needs, but most of us do what everyone else does to gain support and encouragement. Fortunately that has changed over the years so that children can get more support and encouragement in many different forms.
One of the grea…


We have completed two weeks of school. Yay!! It has been an undertaking and soon it will level out and be quite enjoyable. I am very thankful that it is a 3 day weekend. My sweet husband is not working this weekend either. Rest, Peace, and more Rest is the name of the game.
Monday we will attend the family shooting tournament. We have discovered after only two opportunities that my oldest child is really good at shooting skeet. I am eager to see him have fun with the family, even if it is shooting at things. I think the little one will get to try for the first time too. My DH even thought of protecting his sensitive ears and bought some Winchester earmuffs for him. He has often had problems with loud sounds overwhelming him.
The children's ministry is in its 6th week so I really need to get a picture of our "Super Heroes". The leaders, teachers, and volunteers wear capes to add a little bit of fun to our lesson. It is wonderful and the kids seem to have really enjoyed it…

Lots going on here!

I have finally decided on the curriculum for this school year. My boys will be using Switched on Schoolhouse for Language Arts and Bible studies and Life-Pac for history. Together we will be doing the experiments and building the "Power House" by Thames and Kosmos. It teaches all about alternative energy. I think it qualifies as a worthy Science study for these guys- one of which has gone solar power batty on us.

Here are pictures of the progress on our house. The back porch is the one with the door open. The business entrance is the one with the awning. Seeing the doors and windows in gives a good perspective on its size. You can't see it very well but the back porch has the cedar porch swing my dear husband bought me for Mother's day. It was the single most touching thing he has ever done for me. He works hard all the time but when he bought that porch swing-- he was really considering my heart. That Mother's day was the first of many to come without my Mom, and…

Where Have I been???

If only I knew! I have been diligently working on my Land of Odds All Dolled Up Beaded Art Doll Competition submission. I just finished the beading and have 5 stories that need to be narrowed down into one. I know you want to see the pictures of her finished but I cannot publish them until after the 6 semi- finalists are selected. You will enjoy what you see, then. I am only mildly biased and definitely captivated by her beauty.
This summer has been a busy one. My oldest child turned 14 and the youngest 9. For the oldest, we took a trip to one of the water parks close by. It was the first time he had ever been and my cousin, his girlfriend and 4 of their 5 kids went too. The youngest is two and he stayed at the baby sitter's. We gad lots of fun being silly and running (uhemm-- walking) around. I was not near as sore as I thought I would be and wasn't as burned as the others either. I had only two small spots that were burned. If the lazy river isn't for you-- try spinnin…
I love frogs and my little boy looks like a blue frog sittin' like that playin' in the dirt. What a cutie- even from the back LOL.

The flowers are blooming again. The lilies grew really tall this year. We have been blessed with some healing rains. The drought had really taken its toll on the land and we have had timely rains all spring long. The weather tends to skip from winter to summer here with out taking time to nurture the new plants in spring. This year has been wonderfully wet!

Here is Pepper, a sweet little babushka doll that I made from a shared pattern from the Beaded Art Doll group I belong to. Her heart is felted wool on cotton fabric and a stamped then stitched face on felt. She is a very simple little doll and I have just enjoyed looking at her. Then there is this little orangutang that is not even close to being finished. He has a great face and then there is Pink Puppy. Every one has a fit over him. They are using the idea of Dot Lewallen. She uses or recycles u…