It is in the mail.

I should kick myself for not photographing the bundle I mailed off today to Dot, but I won't. It really hurts when you do that.  I will just go back to my last minute Christmas gift making.  I also have another knit hat to make. I am thankful that Gina (from church) told me about picking stitches instead of throwing them. I was skeptical at first, I thought there was no way I could retrain my hands again. Well I did manage to learn and find it a dream. Now my wrist is telling me I am overworking it. I don't know what it is talking about.....

I visited some shops on the Historic Decatur Sqare  where the most gorgeous courthouse sits- I could be just a little biased. I admit it, this pink limestone courthouse is a familiar childhood icon. You can see it for miles!

One of the shops I visited had the old fashioned flour sack towels  that just had to go home with me. There were the perfect thing to add these pretty pieced angels to.  So I settled in and this is what I came up with in the time it took my dear family to watch "Dark Asylum". It wasn't really what I would have chosen for my 9 year old to watch, but he was spending time with dad.
 The pattern comes from "make-ablility" magazine.  It is number 14 of 67 projects and it was originally designed to be a tree skirt. Well not this holiday. I think this one will go to my Aunt Ree.

Here is the "North Star" I created for the childrens ministry. I finally got the computer and camera to talk to each other. It is a miracle everytime...thank you Jesus for the little things in life!
Have a blessed day- I am gonna go work on that knit hat some more.....


Sabii Wabii said…
wow Thank you for the great complimant! Isn't it great how this blogging works. It has brought so many really cool artists into my life from all over the globe. Can't wait to see the jacket too. Please let me know when you post it. Have a wonderful Christmas.
Lidia said…
Love this star! Depending on the size I think it would make a wonderful tree topper, ornament or a great tree skirt, Lots of possibilities.

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