I didn't want to post too much on Christmas day... It was really a rough day and I tried so hard to stay positive. You see we were snowed under- I mean in. It was the first white Christmas in a very long time in Dallas ( I think a family member said 111 years- dunno if that is correct). We decided to postpone our trip to the in-laws which meant our youngest didn't get the ONE thing he really wanted. He was quite a pill to take. I laid down to avoid that inevitable explosion I felt was going to erupt if I had to deal with him any longer. I was awakened 3 1/2 hours later by  my husband telling me that my sweet inlaws were coming to our dirty home (my words not his). I am telling you I hadn't done any real housework in two whole weeks. I did dishes and "kinda"  picked up, but it went mostly ignored.. I was on my vacation! My 14 year old learned to scrub the tub in record time. I know my MIL didn't come to take a bath but... It needed to be done in order to have the bathroom have that just cleaned smell.
It was probably the sweetest thing that had happened all holiday season. It was really a God send. They were so sweet and brought Christmas dinner  and their gifts to us.
My husband tells me I am the hardest person to buy a gift for and it is true. I don't usually want anything in particular. This year was different. I actually wanted some corset making supplies for Christmas. They came on Christmas eve.  I felt like a kid in a candy store! I made an underbust corset while I was waiting for my supplies. I had drafted my own pattern and it was great practice- before I got the supplies to get serious with. There were things I didn't like about it and it is no where near the quality I like to represent. I will wear it because I love the pink and black but I need to get a photo of it. You have to start somewhere, so I redrafted my pattern and created this beauty!

I took this photo myself so I didn't get the back lacing, but the fabric has scripture all over it. The clasp in the front is called a busk and it was one of the very things I wanted for Christmas (and was inexpensive-about $10) DH thought I was nuts for wanting to make an underbust with Christian fabric- but I liken it to the armor in Ephesians. I have to say - I love this! It feels great on too. The lettering has a green tint to it that you can't really make out in this photo, it is quite a unique color combination. I am going to find something that goes well with it. Until then, I am going to wear it without having "just the right thing" to go with it.
Hope you have a blessed day and Thank you Lord for such sweet family, family that really comes through for you when you need them most!


RedChili said…
Wow, Ralonda! You have been busy this month! I hadn't been to your blog since the teases with the lace, and boom! so much more. I love the style you have created for your self and can't wait to see it all together. Wonderful that your family got to spend Christmas together after all. Happy New Year! Gale
Lidia said…
Love the corset! You really have been making some fabulous clothes. Glad you had a nice Christmas after all. Lidia
Lynn said…
Ralonda, your talent never ceases to amaze me. Congratulations on a job well done. LynnM
Pam Hoffman said…
Nice work on the corset! It looks amazing for a first try.

Seems like what you are wearing 'goes with it' just fine!

BTW, thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment - I replied ;)

And now I have a new blog to visit!

Pam Hoffman
Ralonda said…
Thanks a bunch everyone- I dooo love my new corset! I like the shirt I was wearing but it has a stain that I conveniently edited out...I am thinking a traditional chemise style or button up- woven top instead of a knit.
I feel the same Pam about having a new blog to visit.

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