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Turtle Project

After looking at the turtle for sometime now I couldn't help thinking that something was out of place. Then I had to decide if I was just being too particular or if it was laziness to not fix it. Well, I decided to fix it because I have never wanted to be accused of being lazy, even though I think sometimes I am being lazy. Here are the new photos of the Turtle. We still have to come up with a suitable name for it- there are three of them and they need to be identified as individuals so you can purchase your raffle tickets for the one you want without being confused. Tickets will go on sale October 1st and I will add a link of some sort here to take you to the website.I am so blessed to get to be apart of such a wonderful project and to personally handle the beadwork of talented national and international beaders. these ladies have been so generous in their time and abilities. Thank you again ladies.
Our turtle is at the local framers receiving a mat and backing then it will go to…

BJP project/ Altered art

I have added a link to the BJP project blog that I am assigned to contribute to for this years endeavor. There are a total of 260 members of this project that have committed to create a beaded "journal" for the year of Sept 08 to Sept 09. How exciting it will be to fellowship with all these artists.
Here are two pictures of my altered spoon for the altered arts swap I host each month. The Face was given to my by Aryd'ell ( a fellow member of BAD and a collaborator on the turtle project too)
This domino was created with and Enchanted Gallery stamp for a special young lady that I met in Mississippi while at my mother's house. She was instrumental in helping my niece deal with the loss of her grandma. She too is an artist and I will post a piece of her art that she gifted me with (soon). I am blessed to meet such loving people all over. This young lady and even more talented people that I will grow closer to through the BJP 08.

Turtles of Hope

Here is a photo of a turtle that several beaders have contributed to creating. We have decided to call him Crush. He is part of a project headed by Jena Tuntas ( called the Turtles Of Hope. They are created to raffle off to benefit the American Cancer Society. I will post more information on how you can get tickets and the specifics about the project later (before tickets go on sale).
The head of this turtle was beaded by Aryd'ell in NC (you can find a link to her blog on the left), the lower left was beaded by Gale in NM, and we even had a beader from Portugal participate, Maria Teresa ( I will have to add her website to my list of links) And I beaded the tail end.
He is not completed yet, but I just had to share the progress as we are so close to completion. Without further ado- I present to you -- CRUSHHere is the the frame we will use.
I am so blessed by the hard work and diligence of the other beaders. They worked so hard on their quarters even when …

Getting back to life.

I have been steadily trying to get things back in order. I have even started in with the new school year with my boys. I have ordered their curriculum and it should be here Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, we are reviewing our workbooks and getting accustomed to reading again. Where did the summer go? Most local schools don't start for 2 1/2 weeks but we wanted to start early so we can take a little time off when it cools off outside.
We usually beat the heat by going swimming, but there has been a virus going around in the metroplex that was contracted at Burger's lake that can kill you. Not something we want to take our chances since folks around here do frequent the metroplex.
I have been working on creative endeavors. Here is a portrait of the round robin doll that I had the privilege of naming. Her name is "Rosa Pearl Merlady".
She also has a new friend that rides on her tail fin. She is supposed to be a springtime mermaid. She came to me with a pearly white f…