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Techno pro I am not!

I have been unable to be present on the world wide web lately. We have some how exceeded our FAP guidelines(again) and are currently searching for a new high speed wireless provider that doesn't care how far off in the boonies you live and doesn't limit your band width (or will at least allow you to pay a reasonable rate for what you do use). I have been having difficulty downloading my emails and uploading replies and pictures.
My Dear Hubby is currently investigating (by trial and error) a new system that is allowing me to post. We have discovered that it is not our solution already, however it is allowing me access. If you think dial-up is slow-- try seeing what happens when you exceed your bandwidth. You wait forever for something to load and finally get an error message saying that for some reason it won't! Here is a photo I have wanted to post for several days now. I gifted this to a very inspiring woman, a true prayer warrior. I think this photo would fit right in wi…

A great vacation!

The first weekend in November I took a little mini-vacation. One (two) of the ladies from the Dallas Bead Society offered me a place to stay in town while I took the two classes from Sherry Serafini. (Thank you so much, Lexi and Karen.) I hardly slept a wink- goodness knows I tried. It really didn't matter, I had enough energy for three people.

I felt renewed and reaffirmed in my calling to bead. I know it may sound silly, but this is a gift from the Lord. He has been sending folks to encourage my creative gifts for a while. Sherry was no different. She understood the calling to bless people through our art. She even prayed that morning for the Holy Spirit to give her the words for the day. Needless to say- we connected not only through our love of beads but through the Spirit. That weekend was a divine appointment from God designed for us to encourage, and uplift one another. I think we knew it was just meant to be and it moved us both. She is pictured below with her beautiful cre…