Techno pro I am not!

I have been unable to be present on the world wide web lately. We have some how exceeded our FAP guidelines(again) and are currently searching for a new high speed wireless provider that doesn't care how far off in the boonies you live and doesn't limit your band width (or will at least allow you to pay a reasonable rate for what you do use). I have been having difficulty downloading my emails and uploading replies and pictures.

My Dear Hubby is currently investigating (by trial and error) a new system that is allowing me to post. We have discovered that it is not our solution already, however it is allowing me access. If you think dial-up is slow-- try seeing what happens when you exceed your bandwidth. You wait forever for something to load and finally get an error message saying that for some reason it won't!
Here is a photo I have wanted to post for several days now. I gifted this to a very inspiring woman, a true prayer warrior. I think this photo would fit right in with all the Chico's catalogs. It would do well to grace the cover even, but then again I am very biased. It was taken on the small rock garden that we have at the end of my flower bed. Maybe I will be a great photographer yet. The other photo I took was against the blue sky and you could see the necklace better but it was not as artsy as this one.
Great things have been going on with only one minor dent in things-- yeah it really is a dent. My 8 year old turned into a little boy when I wasn't looking. My husband allowed the boys to shoot a blow-gun at a styrofoam target a few times and my little one decided it was a great idea to try to shoot the leaves off of a tree on the other side of mom's car. Do you see where this is going??? Well he is only 8 and is not a skilled marksman yet so, what does he hit? Yup, you guessed it, my car. Did you know that a blow-gun dart will shatter a car window? Let me tell you, it can and it did. The back driver's side window is completely shattered and to add insult to injury my hubby lost his cool and kicked in the glass causing a dent in the door at the bottom of the window jam. Not one of our finer moments but all is well and the car can be fixed, right? I just thank God that we know a man that owns a well renowned paint and body shop that can fix it. I think we all learned a lesson--and I don't think I need to spell them all out either LOL!

I trust that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving-- I had a chance to see my brother for a little bit, and he got to know how attached my little one can get. I think it made him feel good to know that his nephew loved him even though we don't get to spend much time together.
Have a blessed day and I hope to be blogging more.
The first Pink Ribbon Turtle was drawn for today and I am still waiting to announce who the winner was!


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