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Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

If you haven't ordered your copy of  Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Volume I by Kate McKinnon,  then you are missing out.  
This book will open your eyes and  encourage you to approach beadwork in such a refreshing and creative way.
You will want to play with every new concept!
You will learn new thread paths that will revolutionize your designs and their structure!
From the spiral design of the book to the amazing photographs and literary contents... this book is my favorite beading "text book" ever!
AND there will be a Volume II, which you can pre-order and have online access to the projects as they are developed! How the heck that really happens is beyond me but it is FREAKIN' AWESOME!
Keep beading alive and encourage your community to get involved! Teach at your local library or even the high school. Do your part to encourage people to create and, if at all possible, with beads!