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Break is over!

My little break from beading didn't last long at all!  I had volunteered to teach a class at the first ever Bead Heaven Bead Retreat at A Day Away Retreat in Boyd, Texas (just a hop on the farm to market road from me). The ladies  were disbelieving of how far I drive to spend time with them on Tuesday evenings. It does take all of 45 minutes to get there but the route is very easy and worry free. They had a little trouble with the backroads (they are fortunate the roads  were paved)  but that was not an issue for me since I grew up on them.  Kids in the area are often accused of "burning up the backroads" after they get their permits. There is alot of nostalgia for me that goes hand in hand with these tangled country roads  but I digress....lets just save that for another time. I taught a beaded toggle and loop and Geri, the owner of Bead Heaven in Watauga, provided kits for the ladies free of charge (the class I offered for free as well). This is Geri working away.
We took…

Not beads?!

I have been busy doing other things that do NOT require beads. I am taking a break. There has been a bit of cleaning going on and a whole lot of sewing and knitting.
I made a hat last year that was a ski cap with earflaps and sent it to my Father in Law and it was confiscated by my nephew with the promise of making another to replace it. I just finshed the replacement... I figure it is just in time for the cold weather too.
I took a gamble and glanced through a  knitting magazine and found the cutest squirrel and hedgehog pattern that I fell in love with. I decided I better try my hand as something easier to get a feel for making a plushy before I tried one that turned inside out to be another critter. In this same issue there was a pattern for a little owl.  Being fond of the gray variegated yarn I used for the ski hat I thought -- why not?
He is sittting on a quilt I am re-tying and is very patiently waiting for his other foot. He has been waiting all day... maybe he will get it be…

How did I do?

Possibly the cutest Megaman I have ever known! No, of course I am not at all biased.