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Housing progress!

Here is the pretty little stove my husband and I drove  2 1/2 hours (one way) to checkout. The circles will be fitted with the "Lone Star" emblem. I asked my husband what the deal was with the stars, his reply was "Its my new thing, it all started with that door at Lowe's." He has plans to put a star on the floor at the entry too. I will just have to humor him because if I don't there will be a million of them. He put a lot of love  into cleaning this jewel up. It is already keeping the new house warm while he frames up the walls. 

This is the master bedroom/ bath and office end of the house. You can barely see the door with the beveled glass star that started it all. This is the same wall, I just turned around and backed up so you could see my new sewing area. On the other side of the wall is the safe room(storm cellar underneath) and office. You can also just see the edge of the back door. The other end is the one I will be avoiding- it has the kids' ro…


I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS! to Dot Lewallen. A sweet lady I have come to know through a yahoo group (which has closed) and extended a warm welcome to me for a new  yahoo group "A Bead Story". She was  the runner-up in the Land of Odds Beaded Art Doll Competition this year. Here is a picture of her entry. (I stole it from the website but I am sure she won't mind and neither will they. I have asked for their permission before.)
My own submission ranked fourth, and while it was a tad dissappointing, I am still profoundly moved by her grace and beauty. I am still trying to come to terms with how my hands were used to create her and what she means to me. I am so very proud of her and I have heard from many people that they adore her. It is difficult for an artist to not like a piece of their work that has hit on so many personal notes as Willow has. The only thing that would have made her better where if my Mom were here to see her. For me, she is as good as it gets. …

That funky feeling of anticipation!

I have such butterflies in my stomach-- I cannot wait until the Land Of Odds announces their winners. I am going to leave my computer and go to town- maybe that will help pass the time.

Maybe I will fly there....

Exciting update...

I have so many other things this week (and last week) that I have neglected my blog. Seeing how I have plenty to share I had better not let it pile up or I could get really long winded. I hosted a choir of angels before I taught the Dallas Bead Society how to start on all those forms. A big thank you for your financial support (LOL- I still have more dolls to make). I am going to find it interesting to see what kind of craze this has begun as many of them already have more than one doll they are planning.
This lady has already found her new home and I am in the process of sewing two more. They should be mailed (hopefully) tomorrow.

Here I am takin' a silly picture of myself to post on the Threadbanger's forum thread "What are you wearing today?" I have been stalking their forums and have been so inspired and encouraged so I thought it only fair that they "see" me. I am thinking this would be a great profile pic. And I am not even wearing make-up, not even lips…

The big reveal!

I have been working on a recycling project for quite some time. Here is #2 of a 3 part collection. I bought the rivoli's from Beki.  They are so yummy to look at.
All three are different sizes and colors.
The hot pink doens't match but it is what she is wearing today (my poor form doesn't have a name- any suggestions?)
Sapphire montees- they are a pain to sew on- or I was all thumbs everytime I tried!
Here is the back- it looks a little bare but I didn't want it to get uncomfortable to lean back- or take away from those pockets.
I had a really hard time deciding what to do with this insert. I knew it needed to be pretty but not bulky. This is what I came up with and I may still add to it at some point. I am just burnt out after working on it for so long. I am ready to move on. I love it and am very pleased with how it turned out. I am hoping to send this and two other peices as a collection to be published.- It could happen.

That silly story...

I have these cats that just keep me hopping- they can really be a challenge but I dooo love them so. I considered myself a good mommy and bought them a great little stocking with toys in it. I saw a little mouse in there and had to have it for myself- is that still being a good mommy?? Oh well, who cares, I had to  have it LOL. There were two of them- one suitable for beadingand one not-- you know which one I have.
When I swiped this mouse I was working on my challenge entry for the Dallas Bead Society's Winter Challenge. It was a little snow puppy that I saved from the dump- my son begged for him last year everytime we went to Starbuck's. I caved and he got the snow man and his snow "buddy", as my son called him. Somehow he made it into the trash bag (I always sift through them to make sure nothing valuable goes missing- my boys will throw anything away to keep from cleaning it again.)

I named him Pearl because of the M.O.P cabs I started out with. He was sitting on…