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I found a bit of time too...

A friend of mine brought me these and she just knew I could wear them and that I would love them. Well- as they were I couldn't wear them- couldn't even get them over my hips. I am so thankful she thinks of me as being so skinny- I once was... a long time ago. I was taught to never look a gift horse in the mouth, sooo I turned them into this... Pardon the mess under the bench-- it is the donate pile- as soon as I can find a few takers it is outta here! You can even tell which part of the first photo went where. I am not certain that it is finished. I think I want to add some beading detail to the top of the godgets to make it look kinda like corset laces. This last picture really robs the fabric of that awesome turquoise. I created this beaded steampunk (aka "beadpunk") pendant to go with it and the other ensemble that uses the same striped fabric that is in this one. I love it! I had a really hard time not making any more "gears". The are very addictive and qui…

Found my beads!!!

I have finally found my beads again. They keep getting buried  by my fabric.
At left is scarf given to me by a dear friend (Babara - I know I meant to spell it that way). Our Tuesday beading group at Bead Heaven in Wautaga started a project found in the Oct 2007 Bead and Button - Lana May's "All Wrapped Up". We began this project as a tribute to Barbara's sister who passed away some time ago- many of the scarves even belonged to her.
While I followed the basic wrap pattern- I added my own interpretation to how to put it on the scarf and the slide is completely different. I wasn't entirely sure I could make this already beautiful scarf look any better, but then again Beads always make something look better to a beader!
Close up of slide...
Then I created this button as a quick easy to do project that just made me feel good that I finished it. It is just a dritz fabric covered button.

Well...I like it.

I have been on a fashion discovery trip for a while now. I have been looking at everything from steampunk to various lolita styles. There are elements here and there that I have been latching onto and making my own. The outfit I posted in my last post is a really good example of  what I mean. So here I am- in my latest bliss. Something fun... "What is it?" you ask.
Well they are falls- Yarn falls to be exact.
They may be goofy, or eccentric but I think they are nothing short of fun. I don't like that they leave all kinds of fuzzies floating about though. I am not sure how to cure this but I am gonna work on it. I think it is this particular crinkley yarn that does it most but it is also the cutest yarn to use. My husband just looks at me and smiles real big- I think he is stiffling a snicker or two. Then my cousin's husband asked me "What the heck did you do to your hair?" I just told him it was permanent. LOL  A while back, I wore a plaid jumper with spats mad…