Well...I like it.

I have been on a fashion discovery trip for a while now. I have been looking at everything from steampunk to various lolita styles. There are elements here and there that I have been latching onto and making my own. The outfit I posted in my last post is a really good example of  what I mean.
So here I am- in my latest bliss. Something fun... "What is it?" you ask.

Well they are falls- Yarn falls to be exact.

They may be goofy, or eccentric but I think they are nothing short of fun. I don't like that they leave all kinds of fuzzies floating about though. I am not sure how to cure this but I am gonna work on it. I think it is this particular crinkley yarn that does it most but it is also the cutest yarn to use.
My husband just looks at me and smiles real big- I think he is stiffling a snicker or two. Then my cousin's husband asked me "What the heck did you do to your hair?" I just told him it was permanent. LOL
 A while back, I wore a plaid jumper with spats made of the same fabric and he asked me if it was "clash of the tartans, or something". Being a smart- aleck is a requirement to become a part of my family so this is normal behavior. If you don't have a sense of humor, then you might not want to hang around us.

Any how- I made these falls because making the Dreadlock falls are a long process and I only have 8 or 10 of them done so far. I wanted instant gratification to make my Friday a much snazzier one. "Nailed it!"

 NOW, I am going to go knit, eat chocolate and watch tv- all at the same time!


fun! i really like how you are comfortable with yourself and can have fun like this. you wear it well!

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