It is a finalist!!!

The over the top Beaded Cogs Steampunk Style necklace I created for the Fashion Colorworks 2010 Beading Contest made it to the finals. You can go and rate the top ten from 1-5 here.
Here are the fabulous photos my wonderful photographer (Thanks again BRAD!!!) took and while it was at his house his wonderful wife and president of the Dallas Bead Society got to prance around and wear it for the day. I told her she had to wear it for a whole day before she sent it home to me!

He takes awesome photos!!!

It wasn't the first time my beady friends have snagged it to wear for the day. One of them still claims it is a birthday gift that I haven't given to them yet.

Thanks for stopping by!


that's fabulous ralonda! it's definitely a special necklace, that's for sure!
Lidia said…
Congratulations! It's a very beautiful piece!
Gypsy said…
I am SO happy for you, Ralonda!!
Ralonda said…
Thanks you guys!
Zoya Gutina said…
Congratulations Ralonda! Being in the Top Ten from 132 entries is a great success! I hope you enjoyed the contest and I'm looking forward to seeing your amazing pieces next year in the Fashion Colorworks 2011! Keep in touch!

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