Setting Priorities

Lately, life has decided to throw a lot of unfamiliar stuff at me. Many of them are great opportunities but some of them are very mind consuming. Mostly, I have been taking one step at a time. On top of traveling this new ground it is summer time, school is out and there is no real structure to speak of at my house at the moment. No one getting up and off to work, no one having to complete important tasks before going off to play or to fish. The only constant activity is meal time. I am wondering where all that energy came from to school,  keep up with the house hold chores and bead? All I seem to be doing lately is house hold chores. One day is running into another and I don't "feel" as if much is getting done. I guess that is why we all love summer. The days just pass by without a whole lot of fuss, or restraint a semblance of freedom.
I have read other post that have talked about making their art/craft a priority so that the summer doesn't leave them without something to share. What  a great idea!  I think it is time to set some structure for myself as to what I want to accomplish and give myself the freedom to achieve it.

My first goal seems to have nothing to do with my art/craft  but to me it IS  the mission of my art/craft.
Maybe making  some sort of schedule to clean in the morning while it is cool and play in the afternoon when it warms up will work. I am going to have to come up with something but for now I just need coffee.

Here is a  piece that I love but have not worn yet. I have had the art bead for a very long time and didn't know what to do with it, it is one of those special things you love  and whatever you do it has to be just right.  Now - it is done and I love it!


Gypsy said…
And this guy is happy on your creation! Love how you caught his colors in the beads!
It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

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