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Land of Odds

I have been awaiting the day that I could share these amazing photos. Well now I can! They were taken by Bradford Bosher, a fellow Dallas Bead Society member. Let me introduce to you, "Willow" my entry for the Land of Odds 2009 All Dolled Up Beaded Art Doll Competition themed "Earthen Mother". Four of the six Semi-finalists, including myself, are members of an amazing group on yahoo- Beaded Art Dolls (congratulations to you too). This is the single most spiritually heart wrenching pieces I have ever made. My inspiration for her came from the struggles of mothers of children with special needs and from what Mary (mother of Jesus and the only "perfect" child ever born) must have gone through too. In my opinion all children have special needs, but most of us do what everyone else does to gain support and encouragement. Fortunately that has changed over the years so that children can get more support and encouragement in many different forms.
One of the grea…