Land of Odds

I have been awaiting the day that I could share these amazing photos. Well now I can! They were taken by Bradford Bosher, a fellow Dallas Bead Society member. Let me introduce to you, "Willow" my entry for the Land of Odds 2009 All Dolled Up Beaded Art Doll Competition themed "Earthen Mother". Four of the six Semi-finalists, including myself, are members of an amazing group on yahoo- Beaded Art Dolls (congratulations to you too).
This is the single most spiritually heart wrenching pieces I have ever made. My inspiration for her came from the struggles of mothers of children with special needs and from what Mary (mother of Jesus and the only "perfect" child ever born) must have gone through too. In my opinion all children have special needs, but most of us do what everyone else does to gain support and encouragement. Fortunately that has changed over the years so that children can get more support and encouragement in many different forms.

One of the greatest obstacles I faced when I made the decision to home school my children was my mother's disapproval. My mother had struggled as a single mother of three to get an education and raise her family. She succeeded in many areas and failed in others. Education was a goal for her because she new that with it she could support the other aspects of life. She was my encouragement to graduate, even though I was seven months pregnant with my first child and had quit school the year before.
It is all about perspective, I could see her's but she couldn't see mine. My mother eventually began to understand my decision even though it was keeping me from furthering my own education. Then, she discovered that I was learning many other things that were never addressed in our house before. Art. Craft. Creation. She became a huge fan and found something to be proud about.

Unfortunately, she never got to see this one. This doll embodies the grace and beauty that my mother presented everyday- whether in a suit with heels or in a Hanes her way sweatsuit with sneakers. It embodied the strength she showed in making tough decisions then later having to live with the fact that there may have been other options. She taught me how to be a mother and of course some of the things you don't want to do as a mother. We all have those moments.

But I had to finish this doll. I couldn't leave her undone. I had sobbed and sobbed over the loss of my mother. She lost all hope, and couldn't go on. I wasn't sure I could finish the race and make the deadline. I found a new encourager- The Holy Spirit. He sent so many people and prophesies and so many other encouragements from the word. He kept me working through this tough time. It was a true healing. A supernatural healing. I still miss my mom and my sister, who died the year before, but I am no longer arrested by the pangs of sorrow. I am saddened that their lives were drastically shortened, but it encourages me at the same time to tell others that one "Earthen Mother" had a Heavenly Father send her the Perfect Son born of the Spirit to die and conquer the grave that we may be alive in Him for all eternity.


Your doll is an absolutely beautiful rendition of the organic nature of motherhood. How we grow past our imperfections and continue on to greater beauty....It's really just important that we keep on growing, don't you think.

Your mother would be very proud of your strong and graceful representation of her love and effort. Bravo.
Genny said…
On first viewing Willow it took my breath away. After reading your inspirational story I was moved to tears. Your mother and sister would be so proud of you with this piece and all the others that you have created before and since! God bless you! Genny Smith

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