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Busy is not always a 4 letter word

Here is a perfect example of what I mean. I had this jacket that I bought at a pricey retail store and paid only 25% of the retail amount. It was much too expensive to purchase without such a deep discount. I was excited to have it and looked forward to wearing it too.

I had put it in the closet waiting for the appropriate season to come around again (I bought it at the end of the season). When it did 8 month later, I had discovered that a mouse had stalked my closet and used part of the cuff for its nest. I had never gotten to wear this jacket yet and I was soooo sad, but I held on to it. After discovering this post in "Plays with Needles" blog, I found a way to fix it and have it NOT look like a patch job. If you check out the post you can see why it is so inspiring.

My family has been overcoming an attack. We have all had the sore throat and stuff noses and chests. God's grace pulled me through preparing a lesson for our 4 and 5 year old class and we had a great big c…

Playing around

I love to go to the local bead shop on Tuesday evenings to play with the ladies there. This week was especially uplifting. I created this little doll that I affectionately call my "Bag Lady." She was modeled after a tea bag, which is another story. ( I am not drinking coffee regularly- I am substituting it for a hot tea instead-- I just really want to drink something hot, not have caffeine.)Anyhow, being a teenager in New Orleans I grew to love those little old women who were often referred to (in a derogatory manner) as bag ladies. They were just people to and they needed someone to say a kind word to them. I was always more than happy to say something nice or even just smile their way. I ran free a lot as a teenager as public transportation could take you anywhere. This helps you understand the fun I had making this doll. The shop owner's daughter, and dear friend, commented to another lady how she had been watching me smile while I was dancing with this little dolls a…

On a Roll

Before I show you any pictures I have to tell you : You got out of the boat on rough waters, but if you take your eyes off Jesus you are gonna sink. I have to admit that I did, but when I looked back up He was still standing there waiting to tell me more.

Here is what He said about me. I find you are always trying to leap "FROG" (see what my previous post about what FROG is) I am going to stop that and just FROG-- after all it is not a children's game we play with our lives. This (Nov) BJP has things that were given to me - frog charms from friends and the cab I was given to me by Sherry Serafini when I took her classes the week before my birthday (in Nov).Having my birthday in November made it perfect to use those gifts. The background fabric was given to me by a fellow BAD member.

The other one Is for January-- I will go back and do Dec later, I already know what it will be just gotta find my pattern. I love this January piece! It is about the Righteous (in Christ) being…

BJP Pages

Well I finally have two pages done. I was stumped after beading the purple work for September's page and decided to go back to an old idea I started in 08. I have a love for tags so I went back to my tag template that I began making BJP pages for (unofficially) because I loved the idea. I had made January, February and March before I stopped. March was a biggie for me because the was the month my sister passed away in 07. I also had a craft fair and two funerals in February that kept me from being mentally prepared to finish that project.
After a huge creative block with my first official BJP page I figured it was time to saddle that horse back up and get back on and ride it. I have to say it is a huge blessing. Each one of my new pages have a word on them that God has identified me as. My job is to humble myself and agree with what He says I am. September is "Strength" and October is "Joy" and I haven't zipped up December yet but it is my favorite phrase &q…