On a Roll

Before I show you any pictures I have to tell you : You got out of the boat on rough waters, but if you take your eyes off Jesus you are gonna sink. I have to admit that I did, but when I looked back up He was still standing there waiting to tell me more.

Here is what He said about me. I find you are always trying to leap "FROG" (see what my previous post about what FROG is) I am going to stop that and just FROG-- after all it is not a children's game we play with our lives. This (Nov) BJP has things that were given to me - frog charms from friends and the cab I was given to me by Sherry Serafini when I took her classes the week before my birthday (in Nov).Having my birthday in November made it perfect to use those gifts. The background fabric was given to me by a fellow BAD member.

The other one Is for January-- I will go back and do Dec later, I already know what it will be just gotta find my pattern. I love this January piece! It is about the Righteous (in Christ) being bold as a lion. I am usually pretty bold until it comes to sharing Jesus with people. Our church is having classes about how to evangelize on the streets. Not being corny about it but really revealing "Jesus to the world"

The last picture is all of the tags hanging from a rod on the front of my cornice box. I will eventually buy a decorative rod and thread the key rings onto it and hang it on a wall like a picture frame-- one that I can keep adding to. The three on the end were the inspiration that called back to me to do the tags again. They are Jan, Feb, and March of 2008. March is the purple one with the picture of my sister on it.

Thanks for all the encouragement from all my fellow BJP'ers. It is wonderful for anyone to be uplifted and inspired by my work. It is truly a blessing to me.

Have a very blessed day and remember to (Psalm 25:15) keep your eyes ever on the LORD.


Carol said…
Beautiful work, as always. Thank you for sharing its symbolism. Inspiring that you share and embrace your beliefs. Evangelism in beads, so to speak.

Did you make the lion cab? I love the way you used him.
Robin said…
Strong is still my favorite (must have a connection to that word), but I also really like Bold! They look very impressive hanging together.. thanks for taking and sharing that picture!

Robin A.
heidibeads said…
I like Bold! The lion represents this really well and is so great. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.
Marty S said…
These all are great and they look wonderful together. I love the wavy bracelet, too.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader
KV said…
I love these!

Kathy V in NM
Gufobardo said…
Hi Ralonda and thank you for your comments! I love your works with bead...so difficult to imagine a work like this made by me! SO wonderful creations! if you like my blog, follow me..for the moment, hugs and ciao from Italy, Stef

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