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Well I finally have two pages done. I was stumped after beading the purple work for September's page and decided to go back to an old idea I started in 08. I have a love for tags so I went back to my tag template that I began making BJP pages for (unofficially) because I loved the idea. I had made January, February and March before I stopped. March was a biggie for me because the was the month my sister passed away in 07. I also had a craft fair and two funerals in February that kept me from being mentally prepared to finish that project.

After a huge creative block with my first official BJP page I figured it was time to saddle that horse back up and get back on and ride it. I have to say it is a huge blessing. Each one of my new pages have a word on them that God has identified me as. My job is to humble myself and agree with what He says I am. September is "Strength" and October is "Joy" and I haven't zipped up December yet but it is my favorite phrase "FROG- Fully Rely(ing) On God".

Remember that being humble is not passing off a complement saying it was nothing, when it really was. It is agreeing with God that you are great-- you can do great things and do them well. He created you for this, ( I so need to hear this often) to do what you do well for Him and His purpose. Love to you all!

Have a blessed day!


Robin said…
How wonderful, Ralonda! You are back in stride, aware of and doing what works for you (tags)! Beading a word or concept that is important in you life is a great way to approach bead embroidery and you are doing it so beautifully! Since I'm a little stuck for January, I might just borrow this inspiration from you.

Beady blessings, Robin A.
heidibeads said…
I love this idea of the tags, your first two are great. The words will be affirmations for you in the future and I think it's great - may sure you use creative for one this year, that's my opinion! Love them.
abeadlady said…
Great work, Ralonda. It may take some of us a while, but we do get it done.

Carol said…
Rolanda, I was surprised to hear you had a block. You have such huge talent! Glad to see you worked through it. Your tags are beautiful beading.
pam T said…
These are beautiful, Rolanda! I love both of them and take much from your inspiration for them. Thank you for the explanation, especially!
KV said…
Your tags are beautiful, Ralonda -- what a terrific idea!

Kathy V in NM

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