Busy is not always a 4 letter word

Here is a perfect example of what I mean. I had this jacket that I bought at a pricey retail store and paid only 25% of the retail amount. It was much too expensive to purchase without such a deep discount. I was excited to have it and looked forward to wearing it too.

I had put it in the closet waiting for the appropriate season to come around again (I bought it at the end of the season). When it did 8 month later, I had discovered that a mouse had stalked my closet and used part of the cuff for its nest. I had never gotten to wear this jacket yet and I was soooo sad, but I held on to it. After discovering this post in "Plays with Needles" blog, I found a way to fix it and have it NOT look like a patch job. If you check out the post you can see why it is so inspiring.

My family has been overcoming an attack. We have all had the sore throat and stuff noses and chests. God's grace pulled me through preparing a lesson for our 4 and 5 year old class and we had a great big class. They loved the visual aid we were using to learn that The name of Jesus is the Key. And I could feel the healing that comes from creating and meditating on the word as I do. When ever I create, I have a one on one conversation with the Spirit. I share all my thoughts and even go over some of the word that I have had stick to my heart. I also hear his gentle replies to remind me to rest and not worry. So even though my body felt bad, I had a peace that passes all understanding while I worked on making tags and polymer clay keys for the demonstration.
Since then I have been on busy path meditating and restoring not only the full measure of my health but turning out beautiful results.
I was able to create this journal from some left over fabrics that were resurrected from the pile while I was hunting for the perfect patch for the jacket. I plan on creating a couple more journals with various papers that have cute borders and use more scrap fabrics for the covers.
Have a blessed day, and keep on creating, the Spirit is the perfect muse.


Carol said…
Ralonda, the patch looks great on the sleeve. I used to cross stitch over spots that couldn't be removed on my daughter's clothes when she was small. Great idea you had. After all this is the year of RE...recycle, refurbish, reuse, repurpose

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