Playing around

I love to go to the local bead shop on Tuesday evenings to play with the ladies there. This week was especially uplifting. I created this little doll that I affectionately call my "Bag Lady." She was modeled after a tea bag, which is another story. ( I am not drinking coffee regularly- I am substituting it for a hot tea instead-- I just really want to drink something hot, not have caffeine.)Anyhow, being a teenager in New Orleans I grew to love those little old women who were often referred to (in a derogatory manner) as bag ladies. They were just people to and they needed someone to say a kind word to them. I was always more than happy to say something nice or even just smile their way. I ran free a lot as a teenager as public transportation could take you anywhere. This helps you understand the fun I had making this doll. The shop owner's daughter, and dear friend, commented to another lady how she had been watching me smile while I was dancing with this little dolls arms. Every one had to dance with her-- she is the life of the party! BUT she needs a better name!

Also while I was there, I decided I wanted to make an angel in much the same way-- different body but same mold and fiber idea. She is not finished but I also included a sepia photo of her peaceful face. She is more striking in person but I think you get an idea.
I have been so blessed by spending time with these ladies at "Bead Heaven."


Carol said…
She needs a Creole name...something from the bayou. I think she is wonderful, and your angel. Glad you have a place to go for companionship with other beady friends. Lucky you.
I love your tea bag lady. She's beautiful, and definitely needs an exotic name!
I will be back to look at more of your fine work. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.
Anonymous said…
Don't know why I thought of Maya Angelou when I say your beautiful bag lady, Looks like you have your creative curve back.
Anonymous said…
Now I see Lady Penelope
Veleta said…
Your tea bag lady is awesome... I think she calls out for being named "Viola"... she maybe a Bag lady, but she has that upper nose look and pride in who is she... Love her!

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