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We got it!

We finally have a high-speed internet provider. There were a few glitches in getting it going but I think we are on an even run now. Who would have thought how important it would be for our internet to work properly? I so glad to be up and running. Now lets see if I can keep up with the net LOL. I will sure try to post reguluarly like I have done in the past, but I am not promising.
I will send pictures and stories later- after I go and get some groceries, study for a test and go to class to take that test. Most likely I will post again tomorrow.
Have a blessed day-- remember God has plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

Techno pro I am not!

I have been unable to be present on the world wide web lately. We have some how exceeded our FAP guidelines(again) and are currently searching for a new high speed wireless provider that doesn't care how far off in the boonies you live and doesn't limit your band width (or will at least allow you to pay a reasonable rate for what you do use). I have been having difficulty downloading my emails and uploading replies and pictures.
My Dear Hubby is currently investigating (by trial and error) a new system that is allowing me to post. We have discovered that it is not our solution already, however it is allowing me access. If you think dial-up is slow-- try seeing what happens when you exceed your bandwidth. You wait forever for something to load and finally get an error message saying that for some reason it won't! Here is a photo I have wanted to post for several days now. I gifted this to a very inspiring woman, a true prayer warrior. I think this photo would fit right in wi…

A great vacation!

The first weekend in November I took a little mini-vacation. One (two) of the ladies from the Dallas Bead Society offered me a place to stay in town while I took the two classes from Sherry Serafini. (Thank you so much, Lexi and Karen.) I hardly slept a wink- goodness knows I tried. It really didn't matter, I had enough energy for three people.

I felt renewed and reaffirmed in my calling to bead. I know it may sound silly, but this is a gift from the Lord. He has been sending folks to encourage my creative gifts for a while. Sherry was no different. She understood the calling to bless people through our art. She even prayed that morning for the Holy Spirit to give her the words for the day. Needless to say- we connected not only through our love of beads but through the Spirit. That weekend was a divine appointment from God designed for us to encourage, and uplift one another. I think we knew it was just meant to be and it moved us both. She is pictured below with her beautiful cre…

You have been tagged

Having been tagged means I must tag 7 others who will in turn tell 7 little know facts about themselves and then tag 7 others.
We have a new member over in BAD and her name is Pam-- true to our fun nature over there I will tag her- Pam, you have been tagged! Hmm that one was easy who else needs to be tagged????
JJ- ,Rosalie- Oh I know Pat Winter and naow I have to tag three more. This is much harder than it looks! I hope my tagged folks are going to have an easier time with this. I did go and see Gretchen's blog and thought I would tag her while I was there. I guess I am only gonna get to tag 5, the others I had in mind have already been tagged.
Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy looking at my altered cd and a collar I am working on. The collar was inspired by and will include a cross that was gifted to me by Barbara Judy. Thanks Barbara, I told you I was going to have to do something special with it! I think this definately qualifies! Have a blessed day!

Tag I'm it!

I have just been tagged by a dear friend, Aryd'ell, you can see her blog here: http://http// According to the rules I must tell seven little known things about myself.
1) I was diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy and was treated for foot deformations until I was eight years old. I am going strong and walking more than you think by the Grace of God.
2) I attribute all my artistic talent to the calling God has on my life, to share His love and creative nature with others.
3) I clean when I get mad- and when I am on the phone. I also watch TV when I fold laundry otherwise I don't watch it at all. My house is usually in a state of mild disarray unless I have been upset and need to blow off steam or have been chatting on the phone way too long!
4) I am still able to put my feet behind my head- I have no idea why that would be fun to do anymore though.
5) I am very particular about my art work to the point of wearing myself out over it-but I find it is all wor…

Pink Ribbon Turtle tickets are on sale now!

The “Pink Ribbon Turtles” Drawing is in its fourth year. The drawing was begun in 2005 in memory of my mother, Nina Isabelle Etheredge Fritz, and in honor and memory of all of those who have been affected by Breast Cancer.
I’m proud to announce that this year there are three “Pink Ribbon Turtles”. One of the turtles has been designed and created by artist Jena M Tuntas.
The other two turtles are a collective effort of 8 different extremely talented beadwork artists. The sale of tickets will begin on October 1st and continue until the drawing dates. The drawing for “Jewels of the Sea” by artist Jena M Tuntas will be held on Sunday, November 30, 2008 at bead store “All Strung Out” in Cocoa Beach, Florida.
The drawing for the other two turtles “Ling” and “Kameko” will be held on Friday, December 12, 2008. For those who read Beadwork Magazine, this is a change of the date stated in the October/November 2008 Issue of Beadwork Magazine.
For more information about making donations, obtaining ti…

Oh what a friend we have!

I have been so busy keeping up with everyday life. I have been under constant fire since I began praying more intensely and reading more scripture. The blessings from this are more abundant than I ever imagined.
I am posting specifically to share a blessing with you of friendship. I have a friend that I met 11 years ago. She was curious as to why my child was on a leash (harness). She had no idea of his special needs and wanted to know more out of concern. We had lunch at her place and we became instant friends. Now so many years later we only see each other on occasion but the love for one another is quite deep.
I have begun to limit my trips to town and to try to do the shopping after church. With school being hectic and the housing project going slowly and so much other stuff to do, I have not been mentally on cue. I had been shopping in Wal-Mart with my two boys and saw my friend and her 16 year old daughter. We talked for about 20 minutes and went on about our shopping. At the che…

Altered art spoon swap

I thought I would share all the neat spoons that have poured into my mailbox this month! They are all made by different people in the ATC Connection yahoo group. I must apologize to the artists- my photography today leaves alot to be desired.
This lil' doll is a Cellini spiral and a "luna bead" put together with some right angle weave "charms" to make a charming pendant. I had alot of fun playing with all of these different techniques. Thanks to Brad of the DBS, I can finally call this project complete. He encouraged me to not add a thing to it- everything I had tried to add didn't work.Another praise for the DBS- I managed to secure two classes for the ultimate beader's classes. The very beader who interested me in beading,( unknowingly from her front page artwork on Bead and Button Magazine Dec. 2003.) Yup Uh huh- and they are going to be the same week as my birthday-- talk about a huge blessing. Oh-- the lady who is teaching is none other than Sherry …

Turtle Project

After looking at the turtle for sometime now I couldn't help thinking that something was out of place. Then I had to decide if I was just being too particular or if it was laziness to not fix it. Well, I decided to fix it because I have never wanted to be accused of being lazy, even though I think sometimes I am being lazy. Here are the new photos of the Turtle. We still have to come up with a suitable name for it- there are three of them and they need to be identified as individuals so you can purchase your raffle tickets for the one you want without being confused. Tickets will go on sale October 1st and I will add a link of some sort here to take you to the website.I am so blessed to get to be apart of such a wonderful project and to personally handle the beadwork of talented national and international beaders. these ladies have been so generous in their time and abilities. Thank you again ladies.
Our turtle is at the local framers receiving a mat and backing then it will go to…

BJP project/ Altered art

I have added a link to the BJP project blog that I am assigned to contribute to for this years endeavor. There are a total of 260 members of this project that have committed to create a beaded "journal" for the year of Sept 08 to Sept 09. How exciting it will be to fellowship with all these artists.
Here are two pictures of my altered spoon for the altered arts swap I host each month. The Face was given to my by Aryd'ell ( a fellow member of BAD and a collaborator on the turtle project too)
This domino was created with and Enchanted Gallery stamp for a special young lady that I met in Mississippi while at my mother's house. She was instrumental in helping my niece deal with the loss of her grandma. She too is an artist and I will post a piece of her art that she gifted me with (soon). I am blessed to meet such loving people all over. This young lady and even more talented people that I will grow closer to through the BJP 08.

Turtles of Hope

Here is a photo of a turtle that several beaders have contributed to creating. We have decided to call him Crush. He is part of a project headed by Jena Tuntas ( called the Turtles Of Hope. They are created to raffle off to benefit the American Cancer Society. I will post more information on how you can get tickets and the specifics about the project later (before tickets go on sale).
The head of this turtle was beaded by Aryd'ell in NC (you can find a link to her blog on the left), the lower left was beaded by Gale in NM, and we even had a beader from Portugal participate, Maria Teresa ( I will have to add her website to my list of links) And I beaded the tail end.
He is not completed yet, but I just had to share the progress as we are so close to completion. Without further ado- I present to you -- CRUSHHere is the the frame we will use.
I am so blessed by the hard work and diligence of the other beaders. They worked so hard on their quarters even when …

Getting back to life.

I have been steadily trying to get things back in order. I have even started in with the new school year with my boys. I have ordered their curriculum and it should be here Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, we are reviewing our workbooks and getting accustomed to reading again. Where did the summer go? Most local schools don't start for 2 1/2 weeks but we wanted to start early so we can take a little time off when it cools off outside.
We usually beat the heat by going swimming, but there has been a virus going around in the metroplex that was contracted at Burger's lake that can kill you. Not something we want to take our chances since folks around here do frequent the metroplex.
I have been working on creative endeavors. Here is a portrait of the round robin doll that I had the privilege of naming. Her name is "Rosa Pearl Merlady".
She also has a new friend that rides on her tail fin. She is supposed to be a springtime mermaid. She came to me with a pearly white f…

In Memory

Many of you have been praying that my Mom would wake up and on July 9th at 11p.m. she woke up with the light of Jesus Christ shining on her. Praise God. She went peacefully with family and friends gathered around talking over her. We were all there. I am blessed with the ability to have been standing at her side when she drew her last life giving breath and to have known that she was saved many years ago and will be waiting in heaven.
My mother was well respected in society and loved by all her co-workers and peers. She will be missed by a multitude of people that she has befriended over the years. My heart goes out to her husband of 20 some-odd years. He is a terrific man and loved her dearly. I pray that he knows that he did everything he could to make Momma happy. She loved him and directed his daily path, I pray that he doesn't loose his way. I am blessed to have been able to help him. I would have liked to been there a little while longer but I pray that he will find the Com…

My Mom

I have taken a trip to Mississippi to see my Mom. I was told before I left that she will be released from the hospital into hospice care. The day we arrived she was alert and took her meds orally, she hasn't been awake since. We arrived after she has fallen asleep, so we haven't gotten to really talk with her only at her.The Doc says she may not wake up. I found a scripture that says- Wake up sleeping one, arise from the dead and the light of Jesus Christ will shine on you. Please pray this for my Momma. She is asleep and she knows that I am there. When I read the bible to her she was quiet but after I have read a little she starts snoring. She turns her head a little and raises her arms a little but nothing coherent.
My husband and I have agreed that I will come home and take care of some things and then go back to take care of my Mom. He will be keeping he kids so-- please pray for him everyday that all will be well with them and that God's peace will be over them.
I am b…

Altered fork

I have to say, I was inspired by three things presented to me by the gals at ATC Connection when the altered forks started appearing for the swap I am hosting. I instigated this whole altered art thing there and am very happy to be learning new tricks from others! One of the things I saw that I had to try that was different than what I was doing was to use the whole fork in one piece instead of cutting the handle off (which hubby was doing for me). Then I received a fork that had its tines curled differently than I was currently doing- that has sent me on a whole new tangent of fork making. The third thing was wings! I just bought a mold that has right and left wings to it and had made up a pair and I didn't know what to do with them. Well here it is.
The face was from a mold and I had it laying around just waiting for the perfect project to come along. I think this fits the description.I have been blessed with inspiration from these ladies and for a husband that always helps me a…

Altered Art Bug

I have caught the Altered art bug- It is so fun! These are altered biscuit can lids. the red one was the first one. It is definitely not my favorite and the yellow one was next. It is better but I think I can improve on them significantly. I gave up on the lids for a little while ( I have 12 of them) and decided to try this puzzle piece from a dreaded Sponge-Bob puzzle that I was all too happy to commandeer. The stamp is from the Enchanted Gallery. I really like this piece and have joined an altered jigsaw puzzle ATC trade to add more to the collection (from other artists too). The flower sequin turned out to look very purple in the photo but it really has a blue sheen to it at a different angle. The brad is actually creme colored to you can see the color distortion.
Here is a house guest we had for a night.Apparently this guy crawled up from a dried up creek hole into our yard. So, the turtle fan of the house had to keep him for a day and released him to the tank first thing the next …


I finally finished my BFAC project. I took photos of it without the glass but it will have the glass too. It was just easier to get photos of it like that. (not like I got really good ones anyhow) The areas that look almost white are in their true color in the other photos. The wall behind it happens to be my bedroom wall. Hm mm- I may have to bid on this myself when it is put up on EBAY for auction in the spring! All of these tones just resonate throughout my whole house! Here is the top right- it is a little blurry, but you can read it. This is the bottom left, it is the the caption from the scripture reference.
I managed to get these photos loaded but now I cannot load the picture of the bracelet I made for myself to commemorate this piece. Ooh well that will be a great picture for my next post. I have been blessed with the ability to bead and spread God's truth to you! Here it is all in one project, and the proceeds will benefit Beading For A Cure- Layne's Legacy. Have a b…

Round Robin

I have almost finished my doll and journal for the Four Seasons BAD round robin. Her name is Selah and she is to represent Fall, the season where old things fall away to make room for new growth. Selah's face is a cab that was sent to me by Aryd'ell as a hostess gift from the Beads and Babes swap on BAD. (Thank you!) She called it Turtle Woman. I thought the shell pieces around her face looked like leaves too, so that is why I used it.
Here is a photo that shows the card insert that the next beader can add her notes or even just her signature to it. Since this photo I have added the names of each of the 6 other beaders to each page that they will use.Each horizontal strip are the hinges that bind the pages together, you can tell from the ruler at the top the approximate size of the journal and doll. I didn't take a photo of it but the back of the doll is the same print but has more greens to it than the front. I have been blessed by so many things this week, but I think mos…

10 Days

Wow has it really been that long since my last post???? Lots has happened since my then. We had a guest speaker at church that was amazing. He had a word of prophesy for my son- that he will increase his learning ability and really begin retaining what he is taught this coming school year. I am to begin looking for the changes in the fall (start of school year). I have been fervently praying that something will change for him, since we have had little progress so far. I am so excited for him that it solidified my decision to home school him this year too. That way we may be able to catch him up before high school. Then he prayed for those who seldom have the energy to finish their daily work- or chronic fatigue. Well I was one of them- That was Monday night. The same day I awoke at 6 am and was still zooming til midnight (I didn't get home from church until 10:30). It was the first day of Cub Scout Day Camp too. I had to drive 1 hr to get to the park for a day of 95 degree heat (…

Busy Bee

I have been a busy bee lately. Fighting off bugs of the unwelcome sort, watching my son turn one year older, starting a doll for an art doll collaboration, and coordinating a few swaps. I also have been taking a class that should bring some more peace into my household. The Lord has been keeping me through it all and I am looking forward to pouring out blessings into the lives of those participating in the round robins and swaps. What a wonderful bless summer, as Pastor said , "A summer of Miracles"This guy was in my shower when I was drying off I looked down to see him at my feet. He had been there the whole time and he never got to me, NANANANANA you didn't get me!
The Birthday boy turns 8 years old! Art doll collaboration beginnings. Have a blessed day and enjoy (or shudder) at the photos I have posted for you to glimpse into the life of one of God's loved ones.

Catching up

Here is a little friend that jumped on me the other day. The only thing that saved its life was the thought that it might be the offspring of the female that my son is holding so tenderly in the photo on the left side of my blog. I have never had a praying mantis hop onto me let alone survive the frenzy that usually follows when a bug lands on me. It was a cute fellow and hopped around several times until I placed him/her on this tree. Then I had to chase it with the camera!
Now that I no longer have my inventory in a store front- nor do I have a reason to hurry up and make something - I have been very relaxed until I get into a panic about why I am relaxed. I had a super busy weekend with the kids and attending church activities.
I had the pleasure of sewing a cute nursing sling and a matching changing pad that folds to a purse- sorry no pics- It went so fast, I even forgot to show my grandma. After the shower, I took the kids to a "FREE" kid's carnival at the Sheriff…

Will Work for Food

I went to visit my grandmaw who lives across the ditch from me. She is one of my next door neighbors. She takes care of grandpaw who has been sick with lymphoma for a year and a half. I usually stop in once or twice a week to see if I can pick up anything for her in town- we live 10 miles from the nearest grocery store. For the past two weeks, I have only been going to town to take the kids to their after school activities or to church. She called me last week wondering if I was okay, then she called me again this week. I decided I'd better pop in for a visit to settle her nerves. She was headed to the garden (she's in her late 80's and still has a garden) to pull onions, so I jumped in to help as if we had always done it together. This is what she sent me home with! She is always sending folks home with something or another and this is what went home with me! Go grandmaw-- I always wanted to be like her and a dear neighbor who lived here many years always said I was most …

Another cab- beaded

Here is what I have been working on for that past couple of days. I am a little stuck as to what to do with it now, so if you have some suggestions I would welcome your comments. I had thought of several things but I just haven't seen what to do in my mind yet-- no clue-- please help!!!
It is about 7 inches from the top to the end of the longest fringe it could be a large pendant, a huge brooch, an applique, the center applique of a medicine wheel etc... It is large enough to be anything.
I had started to download my photos from the printer reading the memory card because my USB cord was no longer sending messages from the camera to the hard drive. So there were a few pictures that I have been unable to retrieve, well to day I tried the cable and it worked-- Praise God! Now I am able to post a picture of this beautiful young woman who is my second cousin. She is proudly sporting a dress that I altered for her - she lost weight before prom and have to have it cinched up-- you go girl…

As promised

Here is the photo of the cab I painted yesterday while I encouraged my children to do their school-work. The frog and the lady have the same colored eyes-- a special touch I thought. I have another that is ready to be painted too, but I am considering making her blond with green eyes with a more pale complexion.
I finally put beads on my magic carpet piece. I am not liking it yet but as it fills in I might get to liking it. I am considering giving it to my mother - She has grown very fond of my work and puts it in a glass case with her swarovsky figurines. It too will mean something special, since it is a scene from a garden where our beloved dogs Chewbacca (rottweiler) and Captain(doberman) lived- they would have been buried there but the area is below sea level (in N.O., LA) so it wasn't possible. Have a blessed day and I hope to be posting more often now that school is coming to a close.

A change

There has been a change in life lately. This is a good thing. I decided not to return to the shop where I had a booth. I have been having trouble with this shoulder that is on the mend and I had a painful weekend doing stuff I should not have. My children where misbehaving every time I went inside to restock my booth. It was spiraling down into a very stressful situation for me. So I just had to leave. I had exhausted all of my resources and I had to choose the shop or my kids and health. Not a hard decision to most but it was for me. I had invested two years of P.R. and inventory and tried everything out there to make a little spending money. It was fun but now it done.
I haven't mustered the energy to begin listing my inventory on ETSY but it will happen soon. ( I hope) I have had a burden lifted and I feel considerably lighter, but at a loss for what to do now. I don't know what I am going to make and what it will be for, but I am always compelled to make something.
I made …

Trying times.

I have been going through some emotionally trying times this week. One attack after another on my otherwise sunny disposition. Thank God for all the Word I have been digesting or it would have been a terrible funk to shake. I have been consciously trying to alter my reactions to stress and have been learning to identify when I fly into stress response and how to change what I do when I am on the brink of breaking down. He has been revealing (slowly this week) a more Godly me. I am beginning to see the servant's heart that I so desire to have develop fully in me. My children and my husband should be proud to know that they have been used by God to test Momma's steadfastness. I won't say I passed with flying colors but I will say my grade wasn't as bad as it was last time. So, LORD don't give up on me!
On the night of Mother's day I had a dream about delivering another baby, and when I woke up I had many revelations into the motherhood of Mary mother of Jesus. I w…

My Boys

Here is a my favorite picture of All of my boys. It was almost 2 years ago. My husband was not proud of the size of this fish (they are usually much bigger) and didn't want to take this photo but the kids did. The fish he usually catches average 35 pounds but this one was only 15 or so. His record has been 60 pounds. I don't usually include photos of my husband but today is our 12th wedding anniversary and well, yesterday was Mother's Day - so it thought it appropriate to have all of them here.
I don't usually enjoy Mother's Day as I have always reflected on whether I have done my very best with my kids and it always has seemed to be the day that mom has to be a supermom to get everyone to church on time and then eat and nap and supper, and, and, and.... Well not this year, this mom didn't lift a finger (until late last night when I had to wash hubby's overalls for work today). We stayed home and ate left-overs and a big turkey salad for dinner. We had left …

Daughters I never had!

I had the privilege of encouraging 2 beautiful teens today when they brought their prom dresses to me for alterations. The young lady in the black and white has been a friend of mine for several years and I have had a wonderful time watching her turn into a young lady. The other girl is a sweet and dear friend of hers and was so thrilled with her dress after I had finished with it.
Thank you you all for such sweet posts concerning my Lil boy. He is still a little whiny but at least he is in good health. No one else has had that bug- I think we are good to go.
We have had a beautiful spring here this year- we usually go from winter straight into a hot summer. This is one of my pretty lilies that bloom in spite of the concern I give them. LOL I do not have a green thumb and these pretty flowers just brighten my day because they haven't died. This is the 3rd year they have bloomed and these are by far the prettiest blooms they have ever had.
We have also had other visitors at our house.…