I finally finished my BFAC project. I took photos of it without the glass but it will have the glass too. It was just easier to get photos of it like that. (not like I got really good ones anyhow) The areas that look almost white are in their true color in the other photos. The wall behind it happens to be my bedroom wall. Hm mm- I may have to bid on this myself when it is put up on EBAY for auction in the spring! All of these tones just resonate throughout my whole house! Here is the top right- it is a little blurry, but you can read it. This is the bottom left, it is the the caption from the scripture reference.

I managed to get these photos loaded but now I cannot load the picture of the bracelet I made for myself to commemorate this piece. Ooh well that will be a great picture for my next post. I have been blessed with the ability to bead and spread God's truth to you! Here it is all in one project, and the proceeds will benefit Beading For A Cure- Layne's Legacy. Have a blessed day!


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