Busy Bee

I have been a busy bee lately. Fighting off bugs of the unwelcome sort, watching my son turn one year older, starting a doll for an art doll collaboration, and coordinating a few swaps. I also have been taking a class that should bring some more peace into my household. The Lord has been keeping me through it all and I am looking forward to pouring out blessings into the lives of those participating in the round robins and swaps. What a wonderful bless summer, as Pastor said , "A summer of Miracles"This guy was in my shower when I was drying off I looked down to see him at my feet. He had been there the whole time and he never got to me, NANANANANA you didn't get me!
The Birthday boy turns 8 years old!
Art doll collaboration beginnings.
Have a blessed day and enjoy (or shudder) at the photos I have posted for you to glimpse into the life of one of God's loved ones.


Gypsy said…
I would have jumped a foot or more on seeing that guy in the shower with me!!
I wish your pics got big when I clicked on them, but the birthday boy looks ecstatic, and the doll looks VERY interesting, even small....

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