Catching up

Here is a little friend that jumped on me the other day. The only thing that saved its life was the thought that it might be the offspring of the female that my son is holding so tenderly in the photo on the left side of my blog. I have never had a praying mantis hop onto me let alone survive the frenzy that usually follows when a bug lands on me. It was a cute fellow and hopped around several times until I placed him/her on this tree. Then I had to chase it with the camera!
Now that I no longer have my inventory in a store front- nor do I have a reason to hurry up and make something - I have been very relaxed until I get into a panic about why I am relaxed. I had a super busy weekend with the kids and attending church activities.
I had the pleasure of sewing a cute nursing sling and a matching changing pad that folds to a purse- sorry no pics- It went so fast, I even forgot to show my grandma. After the shower, I took the kids to a "FREE" kid's carnival at the Sheriff's Posse Rodeo Grounds. It was totally free! Games, bounce houses, blow up soccer shooting game, horse rides, face painting, food, candy, drinks-- all free. The only thing it cost me was a sunburn, LOL. Sunday was the church picnic, the kids swam and I hid in the shade! After swimming, the kids went to a cub scout end of school recruiting "Skate Party." I forgot my little boys change of clothes at home. It wasn't too hard to convince him that his towel was the coolest toga ever. I stopped at the Dollar General and picked up some undies, socks and a shorts set. I had to convince him that no one would notice him changing ( with his seat belt on) going 60 mph down the road- until --I had to pull over because he smacked himself with the hanger! We all had a good giggle afterwards.
Here is a relatively unknown charity beading event project. Jena Tuntas of Florida has started a Pink Turtles of Hope to benefit the American Cancer Association. This years project is worked up by four beaders each one takes a quadrant of the sea turtle designed by Jena and beads their "own thing" onto the back of the turtle using only pink beads. At left is the pattern of the turtle that group 2 is working on as well as some of my progress. Group 2 decided to use the same background for all 4 quadrants but each quadrant will be beaded according to the inspiration of the individual beaders.
I am posting my progress to hopefully entice other beaders to form a quartet too. If you would like more information about it, please email me or leave a comment with your email and I will get back to you!
Have a blessed day! God has plans to prosper you!


Lila said…
What a great project. I am not a beader but I will be glad to cheer everyone on. I am a two year breast cancer survivor. Had a mastectomy in Feb of 2006 followed by chemotherapy. Would love to see pics of the Turtles of Hope when completed. The beading you did is gorgeous. God Bless all.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely idea ,cant wait to see finished project .hope you are well love from sesga xx

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