Round Robin

I have almost finished my doll and journal for the Four Seasons BAD round robin. Her name is Selah and she is to represent Fall, the season where old things fall away to make room for new growth. Selah's face is a cab that was sent to me by Aryd'ell as a hostess gift from the Beads and Babes swap on BAD. (Thank you!) She called it Turtle Woman. I thought the shell pieces around her face looked like leaves too, so that is why I used it.

Here is a photo that shows the card insert that the next beader can add her notes or even just her signature to it. Since this photo I have added the names of each of the 6 other beaders to each page that they will use.Each horizontal strip are the hinges that bind the pages together, you can tell from the ruler at the top the approximate size of the journal and doll. I didn't take a photo of it but the back of the doll is the same print but has more greens to it than the front. I have been blessed by so many things this week, but I think mostly by the opportunity to get my house in order. Now there is a peace there that only comes from faith in the word and obedience to the Spirit. Have a blessed day and I hope to be posting some new things as I have been working on completing several new projects.


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