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The learning curve

I won a book at the Shreveport Bead Retreat and I have been challenging myself to learn about "Shaped Beadwork".  I love being able to apply what I have learned to so many things. Here is a better shot of the diamond shapes and now they have a purpose too! The flower is a "Trillium" from Diane Fitzgerald's book (Shaped Beadwork). And the bracelet band is the diagonal striped chain ( only my colors aren't striped AND it is 3 segments wide.) This trillium has added embellishments that were not covered by the book ( in other words- I made them up).
I have another project I am working on but "MUMS" the word. We all have to have some secrets- right? Keep on Beading my beady friends!

I HAVE been beading

SEE A gift for a special lady
First "Shaped Beadwork" looks like a rodent's head :(
Second "Shaped Beadwork"

Shreveport Bead Retreat

I had a terrific time at my very first bead retreat.  I don't think I ever got into bed before 1 :30 am and never slept past 8 am. We took daily trips to Starbuck's (Mandi is a superstar and gets an employee discount). I acquired a new nickname, one that is a quite common reference in my house- "Groceries". I guess I really do eat a lot, though it is not my favorite past time.
Even though it was a bead retreat I did not bead very much at all. I spent most of my time sharing with others and peddling kits and doll forms. All my peeps thought they were at the "popular table" with so many flocking to purchase kits and check out my beaded dolls too.
The cogs class I taught  was a big hit, my friend Carol-Anne did a logical thing and counted heads for me. I had 26 students, a teacher's aide, and a heckler. Mandi offered to help me, she collected money and announced my class was about to begin to any stragglers left in the ballroom. Another friend,  Julie the …