The learning curve

I won a book at the Shreveport Bead Retreat and I have been challenging myself to learn about "Shaped Beadwork".  I love being able to apply what I have learned to so many things.
Here is a better shot of the diamond shapes and now they have a purpose too!
The flower is a "Trillium" from Diane Fitzgerald's book (Shaped Beadwork). And the bracelet band is the diagonal striped chain ( only my colors aren't striped AND it is 3 segments wide.) This trillium has added embellishments that were not covered by the book ( in other words- I made them up).

I have another project I am working on but "MUMS" the word. We all have to have some secrets- right?
Keep on Beading my beady friends!


Anonymous said…
Rolanda I love those little diamonds. You are such a great artist.
It was fun to see you at TBR.

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