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For the Love of Shoes

As a toddler, my mother knew there was something wrong with my ankles. It probably didn't help soothe her mind to note that there were two other cases of club foot and  another baby born to my father with a severe deformity. I tell you this because my mother spent a lot of time rubbing my feet and taking care that I had just the right shoes. I wore corrective shoes and braces until I was old enough to protest. She knew I meant business when I threw one of the braces out the window as we sped down the highway.
Thanks to my mother, her persistence and the grace of God, I can walk today.
Shoes always had a special significance to me, not just because they are trendy, but because they represent her dedication to my future. When I found her ballroom slippers under her bed just before she passed ( we knew she was going to in just a matter of hours), I cried my eyes out. Being practical, I nearly passed them over. It wasn't until my Sister In Law, Betty,who watched me break down, to…