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Altered Art Bug

I have caught the Altered art bug- It is so fun! These are altered biscuit can lids. the red one was the first one. It is definitely not my favorite and the yellow one was next. It is better but I think I can improve on them significantly. I gave up on the lids for a little while ( I have 12 of them) and decided to try this puzzle piece from a dreaded Sponge-Bob puzzle that I was all too happy to commandeer. The stamp is from the Enchanted Gallery. I really like this piece and have joined an altered jigsaw puzzle ATC trade to add more to the collection (from other artists too). The flower sequin turned out to look very purple in the photo but it really has a blue sheen to it at a different angle. The brad is actually creme colored to you can see the color distortion.
Here is a house guest we had for a night.Apparently this guy crawled up from a dried up creek hole into our yard. So, the turtle fan of the house had to keep him for a day and released him to the tank first thing the next …


I finally finished my BFAC project. I took photos of it without the glass but it will have the glass too. It was just easier to get photos of it like that. (not like I got really good ones anyhow) The areas that look almost white are in their true color in the other photos. The wall behind it happens to be my bedroom wall. Hm mm- I may have to bid on this myself when it is put up on EBAY for auction in the spring! All of these tones just resonate throughout my whole house! Here is the top right- it is a little blurry, but you can read it. This is the bottom left, it is the the caption from the scripture reference.
I managed to get these photos loaded but now I cannot load the picture of the bracelet I made for myself to commemorate this piece. Ooh well that will be a great picture for my next post. I have been blessed with the ability to bead and spread God's truth to you! Here it is all in one project, and the proceeds will benefit Beading For A Cure- Layne's Legacy. Have a b…

Round Robin

I have almost finished my doll and journal for the Four Seasons BAD round robin. Her name is Selah and she is to represent Fall, the season where old things fall away to make room for new growth. Selah's face is a cab that was sent to me by Aryd'ell as a hostess gift from the Beads and Babes swap on BAD. (Thank you!) She called it Turtle Woman. I thought the shell pieces around her face looked like leaves too, so that is why I used it.
Here is a photo that shows the card insert that the next beader can add her notes or even just her signature to it. Since this photo I have added the names of each of the 6 other beaders to each page that they will use.Each horizontal strip are the hinges that bind the pages together, you can tell from the ruler at the top the approximate size of the journal and doll. I didn't take a photo of it but the back of the doll is the same print but has more greens to it than the front. I have been blessed by so many things this week, but I think mos…

10 Days

Wow has it really been that long since my last post???? Lots has happened since my then. We had a guest speaker at church that was amazing. He had a word of prophesy for my son- that he will increase his learning ability and really begin retaining what he is taught this coming school year. I am to begin looking for the changes in the fall (start of school year). I have been fervently praying that something will change for him, since we have had little progress so far. I am so excited for him that it solidified my decision to home school him this year too. That way we may be able to catch him up before high school. Then he prayed for those who seldom have the energy to finish their daily work- or chronic fatigue. Well I was one of them- That was Monday night. The same day I awoke at 6 am and was still zooming til midnight (I didn't get home from church until 10:30). It was the first day of Cub Scout Day Camp too. I had to drive 1 hr to get to the park for a day of 95 degree heat (…

Busy Bee

I have been a busy bee lately. Fighting off bugs of the unwelcome sort, watching my son turn one year older, starting a doll for an art doll collaboration, and coordinating a few swaps. I also have been taking a class that should bring some more peace into my household. The Lord has been keeping me through it all and I am looking forward to pouring out blessings into the lives of those participating in the round robins and swaps. What a wonderful bless summer, as Pastor said , "A summer of Miracles"This guy was in my shower when I was drying off I looked down to see him at my feet. He had been there the whole time and he never got to me, NANANANANA you didn't get me!
The Birthday boy turns 8 years old! Art doll collaboration beginnings. Have a blessed day and enjoy (or shudder) at the photos I have posted for you to glimpse into the life of one of God's loved ones.

Catching up

Here is a little friend that jumped on me the other day. The only thing that saved its life was the thought that it might be the offspring of the female that my son is holding so tenderly in the photo on the left side of my blog. I have never had a praying mantis hop onto me let alone survive the frenzy that usually follows when a bug lands on me. It was a cute fellow and hopped around several times until I placed him/her on this tree. Then I had to chase it with the camera!
Now that I no longer have my inventory in a store front- nor do I have a reason to hurry up and make something - I have been very relaxed until I get into a panic about why I am relaxed. I had a super busy weekend with the kids and attending church activities.
I had the pleasure of sewing a cute nursing sling and a matching changing pad that folds to a purse- sorry no pics- It went so fast, I even forgot to show my grandma. After the shower, I took the kids to a "FREE" kid's carnival at the Sheriff…