10 Days

Wow has it really been that long since my last post???? Lots has happened since my then. We had a guest speaker at church that was amazing. He had a word of prophesy for my son- that he will increase his learning ability and really begin retaining what he is taught this coming school year. I am to begin looking for the changes in the fall (start of school year). I have been fervently praying that something will change for him, since we have had little progress so far. I am so excited for him that it solidified my decision to home school him this year too. That way we may be able to catch him up before high school. Then he prayed for those who seldom have the energy to finish their daily work- or chronic fatigue. Well I was one of them- That was Monday night. The same day I awoke at 6 am and was still zooming til midnight (I didn't get home from church until 10:30). It was the first day of Cub Scout Day Camp too. I had to drive 1 hr to get to the park for a day of 95 degree heat (thank God for the shade that we were in most of the day, but there was not shade at the BB and Archery ranges)I had to be there at 9 and leave for home at 3:30. The rest of the week I had to chaperon the other two boys from our pack in addition to my two. Everyday I woke at 6 and went to bed by midnight( one night 11:30). My fellow chaperons were a little amazed by my energy. I tried to explain to them the supernatural rest I received when Brother Smith released the anointing on me, I don't think they quite understood (one lady totally got it though!) The amazement doesn't stop there! I haven't been able to walk a lot all my life due to difficulties I encountered with Cerebral Palsy and foot deformities from birth. That has long since been healed( the CP) but I had not built up a tolerance for being on my feet from the deformity that I also was born with. That too was prayed for and my feet didn't cause the pain that I usually had from my alignment being out of sync. My tootsies were a little sore, but who's feet wouldn't be after 5 days in sweaty socks and tennis shoes in 95-97 degree weather running up and down a park with kids dragging a wagon full of buckets, water, and food? I have been on the go--- I even reorganized my boys room the Friday before.
My oldest has gone to Oklahoma to a Scout Camp for a week so I hope to spring clean the whole house.
Please remember the families of the four Boy Scouts who were killed in Iowa from the tornado. I think we will discuss a fund raiser to add a storm shelter to our own scout camp here at Sid Richardson II.
I have been blessed with a young who is going to see results from his battle against learning disabilities, a husband who listens to the wisdom of the Lord, another child that is learning to worship the Lord and a Mom who is finally hearing the word.

Happy Father's day to you all- Your Father in heaven loves you dearly!


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