Altered Art Bug

I have caught the Altered art bug- It is so fun! These are altered biscuit can lids. the red one was the first one. It is definitely not my favorite and the yellow one was next. It is better but I think I can improve on them significantly. I gave up on the lids for a little while ( I have 12 of them) and decided to try this puzzle piece from a dreaded Sponge-Bob puzzle that I was all too happy to commandeer. The stamp is from the Enchanted Gallery. I really like this piece and have joined an altered jigsaw puzzle ATC trade to add more to the collection (from other artists too). The flower sequin turned out to look very purple in the photo but it really has a blue sheen to it at a different angle. The brad is actually creme colored to you can see the color distortion.
Here is a house guest we had for a night.Apparently this guy crawled up from a dried up creek hole into our yard. So, the turtle fan of the house had to keep him for a day and released him to the tank first thing the next morning. He dined on a fancy fare of three pieces of bacon while swimming in a very nice large soup pot. In case you are wondering- he(maybe she) is a soft shell turtle. Boys and their toys!
I am so blessed to have such loving kids who are ready to rescue a stranded turtle, or beat a snake off of a rabbit hole with baby rabbits in it. Now every juvenile bunny we see is one of the three they got to watch over for the day (until the momma moved them to a better hole). I am blessed with a husband that works day and night to put food on the table and build a better roof over our head. I don't think they make men like him anymore- If they do I hope you all wind up with one too. Have a blessed day.


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