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So what happens in a month?

I would like to say more beading, but really I haven't been beading much since the first week of August when I went to the Shreveport Bead retreat. I did bead another fish before I left, when I should have been more focused on making kits. But in my defense,  the work seems to go much easier when you allow yourself to take a deep breath and play before you begin. Then again' it may be because I am such an impressive procrastinator that I behave this way. Either way, it works for me and it might work for you but if it doesn't....I am not  responsible, it was just a suggestion! Below are photos of  the remaining Dragonfly Cuff kits. In essence, you bead a flat doll and stitch it to a cuff. The photos on the kits depicts  the prototype  and the actual kits are various colors and bead combos you could use to create a similar cuff  (instructions are inside too).
I went to Shreveport with a business goal in mind. Having wonderful business-minded cohorts in crime giving me the nud…