So what happens in a month?

I would like to say more beading, but really I haven't been beading much since the first week of August when I went to the Shreveport Bead retreat. I did bead another fish before I left, when I should have been more focused on making kits. But in my defense,  the work seems to go much easier when you allow yourself to take a deep breath and play before you begin. Then again' it may be because I am such an impressive procrastinator that I behave this way. Either way, it works for me and it might work for you but if it doesn't....I am not  responsible, it was just a suggestion! Below are photos of  the remaining Dragonfly Cuff kits. In essence, you bead a flat doll and stitch it to a cuff. The photos on the kits depicts  the prototype  and the actual kits are various colors and bead combos you could use to create a similar cuff  (instructions are inside too).
I went to Shreveport with a business goal in mind. Having wonderful business-minded cohorts in crime giving me the nudge to be very organized and more responsible with the products I presented allowed me to reach that monetary benchmark and has provided me with the opportunity to take it further. It also helped me improve my bookkeeping responsibilities. What a blessing it is to have folks around that help you better yourself or your product. I felt like my goal was very level headed and realistic and also reflected the attendance and last year's benchmark. I did manage to achieve more than just the goal I had set and I am so thankful for that.

 Because of my playtime before I left, there was a unique opportunity to invest in my future as a designer and a teacher. Little did I know  what a big deal it would really become. I just felt compelled to participate in the challenge at the bead retreat and it allowed me just the right avenue  to present a project that went over really well. Three separate groups have asked (even pleaded with) me to teach this project in the future. Wanna know what caused the stir? FISHIES!!!!
Not only had I been making fishies but the washers and key ring included in the challenge  had already been used in my first design, ever, the Steampunk Style Beaded Cogs.
All I can say is "Glub, Glub"
I also have this little purple one that is going in a fish swap for a yahoo group that I have been a  member of for several years.
Who ever  my swap partner may be, they are  gonna be happy that none of my table mates were successful with their plans to net this one. They all tried, well, all except one-- you know you you are!


Anonymous said…
George (the purple fishie) really wanted to come home with me but Ralonda wouldn't let him....he was sad!
Anonymous said…
lol.....nope - George was not sad. He knew he was meant to be at my house. hehehehehehe

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