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Spiritual food!

I realize it has been a month since my last post. I am very sorry I haven't updated you. The Lord has swept me away with two classes I am taking for Life University at the River. They always offers so many enlightening classes that I had to take one on Sunday morning and one on Wednesday night. I had been taking only Wednesday night classes but I just had to double up!
My first class was Prayer 101, it lasted for 12 weeks and we were assigned to draft a prayer from each one of the 13 Books the Apostle Paul wrote. The next class I took was a class that taught about Deliverance and we were required to write a prayer plan that would result in delivering someone from some oppression they were experiencing. The third class I took was Manifesting the Life of Christ. We learned how to identify who Christ is to us in a practical way and show His life through us to others and it was a definite lesson on how we perceive God and how we should imitate Him.
The two classes I am taking now ar…