Spiritual food!

I realize it has been a month since my last post. I am very sorry I haven't updated you. The Lord has swept me away with two classes I am taking for Life University at the River. They always offers so many enlightening classes that I had to take one on Sunday morning and one on Wednesday night. I had been taking only Wednesday night classes but I just had to double up!
My first class was Prayer 101, it lasted for 12 weeks and we were assigned to draft a prayer from each one of the 13 Books the Apostle Paul wrote. The next class I took was a class that taught about Deliverance and we were required to write a prayer plan that would result in delivering someone from some oppression they were experiencing. The third class I took was Manifesting the Life of Christ. We learned how to identify who Christ is to us in a practical way and show His life through us to others and it was a definite lesson on how we perceive God and how we should imitate Him.
The two classes I am taking now are only magnified by the classes I had taken previously. I am talking about divine order. The class I take on Sunday morning is an Evangelism class. It teaches you how to use gospel tracts to approach people in an unoffensive manner and discuss whether they are good enough to go to heaven. It uses the Ten Commandments to reach a person's conscience and turns them to Christ who ultimately paid their fines. The class I am taking on Wednesday nights is Manifesting the Gifts of the Spirit. This is by far the coolest class I have taken. We are actively learning how to operate in the Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom and Discernment. We have activations in class that help us, in a hands on learning environment, experience the gifts. These classes are an amazing wealth of information and spiritual food.
I am learning so much that my prayer has been to ask the Lord to show me how to implement it all on a daily basis. I can even catch myself thinking about the applications of it during the day. Such as, you get a thought that sticks with you and you don't know what it means or why you are having it. I have begun to ask the Lord to give me a word of knowledge concerning this thing. It is simply asking Him what in the world it means.
I had learned that this dream I keep having is from the Lord. I started this one dream a long time ago and it is like I keep having installments or new chapters of the same story. Each time I am seeing something new but it is the same setting. I am going to have to go back and journal it so that each detail can be revealed to me by the word of knowledge (or is it discernment-- I am still learning).


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