Will Work for Food

I went to visit my grandmaw who lives across the ditch from me. She is one of my next door neighbors. She takes care of grandpaw who has been sick with lymphoma for a year and a half. I usually stop in once or twice a week to see if I can pick up anything for her in town- we live 10 miles from the nearest grocery store. For the past two weeks, I have only been going to town to take the kids to their after school activities or to church. She called me last week wondering if I was okay, then she called me again this week. I decided I'd better pop in for a visit to settle her nerves. She was headed to the garden (she's in her late 80's and still has a garden) to pull onions, so I jumped in to help as if we had always done it together. This is what she sent me home with! She is always sending folks home with something or another and this is what went home with me! Go grandmaw-- I always wanted to be like her and a dear neighbor who lived here many years always said I was most like her out of all the grandchildren. I think Ms. Dessie is right. I am the only grandchild that likes to sew and create and can make my own clothes if need be. And there is only one great grandchild that does too.
I know it is not crafted or handmade but it is as homegrown as it gets and I am so blessed with the heritage of faith. Their wisdom has come from serving an Almighty God!


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