Trying times.

I have been going through some emotionally trying times this week. One attack after another on my otherwise sunny disposition. Thank God for all the Word I have been digesting or it would have been a terrible funk to shake. I have been consciously trying to alter my reactions to stress and have been learning to identify when I fly into stress response and how to change what I do when I am on the brink of breaking down. He has been revealing (slowly this week) a more Godly me. I am beginning to see the servant's heart that I so desire to have develop fully in me. My children and my husband should be proud to know that they have been used by God to test Momma's steadfastness. I won't say I passed with flying colors but I will say my grade wasn't as bad as it was last time. So, LORD don't give up on me!

On the night of Mother's day I had a dream about delivering another baby, and when I woke up I had many revelations into the motherhood of Mary mother of Jesus. I was moved at the thought of nursing him and changing his diapers and bathing him. What must have stirred in her heart when he was missing and later found in the temple? How it must have troubled her to see him beaten and imprisoned? Nailed to a cross? Die? Risen? What a trip it must have been?

The struggles I face with my own children are defeated by the birth, life, death and resurrection of this one mother's child, a child of God. Because of Him, my children are children of God too, what will they do in the lives of others?

In pondering all of this and getting to know my Lord better, I created a small doll entitled "Open the eyes of my heart" from some fabric sent to me by a friend- and coincidentally used by another mutual friend in Australia--Thanks Aryd'ell ( )
I am thankful for this growing time in the Lord and am blessed to be surrounded by people who understand my struggles.
I have a craft fair this weekend and a son who is going camping with the scouts to Lake Arrowhead- he is going for the first time without a parent- so he better be good! I probably will not post again until after Monday so if you miss me just know the Lord is Keeping me and my family. Have a blessed Day.


Anonymous said…
Hope you are okay !thinking of you . sometimes life is hard but you have faith! so you will get through Anything .love and hugs from sesga xx

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