Mermaid Swap

My dear mail lady brought me a box this morning. It definitely wasn't gonna fit in my mail box, so she always drives up and honks for me- good thing we go to church together because I was still in my "Toadily Cool Mom" PJs. Yup you guessed it- it was my mermaid swap! Geri was so generous. She sent a lot of precious goodies neatly wrapped in green and blue tissue papers and tied with blue and green organza ribbons. It was more presents than you get at Christmas. Here are several photos of what she sent. The mermaid and the frog are on a journal and the Blue scaled mermaid is an altered art box (a very pretty box). I don't know how you knew but I love pictures of ethnic women!
I received the water colored squared note cards as a set in a pretty box that closed with organza. One of the photos looks like a collage of all the things Geri sent and I think it should be printed and used as background paper! Thank you so much Geri and I know you will be better in no time - because you are healed by His Stripes- as in already done. Now your body has just gotta line up with the word, the truth not the facts!
Hey Y'all, I am blessed! Thanks again Geri!


Geri said…
LOLOLOL I'm glad you liked it!! I had great fun getting it all together. And I'm thrilled it got to you so fast! And the mermaid box was something I'd been working on for awhile and so was thrilled to have direction to finish it. Keep swapping!
seahagstudio said…
beautiful mermaid swap stuff!! i am in this swap too can't wait to get mine!!! what does the outside of the box look like!!? thanks, tracy

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