A change

There has been a change in life lately. This is a good thing. I decided not to return to the shop where I had a booth. I have been having trouble with this shoulder that is on the mend and I had a painful weekend doing stuff I should not have. My children where misbehaving every time I went inside to restock my booth. It was spiraling down into a very stressful situation for me. So I just had to leave. I had exhausted all of my resources and I had to choose the shop or my kids and health. Not a hard decision to most but it was for me. I had invested two years of P.R. and inventory and tried everything out there to make a little spending money. It was fun but now it done.
I haven't mustered the energy to begin listing my inventory on ETSY but it will happen soon. ( I hope) I have had a burden lifted and I feel considerably lighter, but at a loss for what to do now. I don't know what I am going to make and what it will be for, but I am always compelled to make something.
I made a cab of the Frog Princess from an enchanted gallery mold and I will post it tomorrow. I am thinking of something special to do with it.
I started a new class for Life University and I am at a total loss for words... I wasn't certain that God was pointing me to a class to take (there are 3 to choose from), then one of my teacher's, a lady of fine character and an amazing teacher, sought me out to tell me she was there to take that class! Well being the leader that I find her to be- I let her lead the way! The class is a little intimidating- but I will stand firm in my decision to attend and to do whatever is asked of me 100%. The class is about deliverance and it deals with some areas of my past that was once very scary to me, but now the Lord is showing me the flip side. I am both eager and hesitant to follow along. I trust in HIM. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to take these classes and share with my church family the things I have experienced and learn what to do with what I know and have learned. The sharing and caring of such a group of individuals is amazing. Thank you, Jesus!


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