Daughters I never had!

I had the privilege of encouraging 2 beautiful teens today when they brought their prom dresses to me for alterations. The young lady in the black and white has been a friend of mine for several years and I have had a wonderful time watching her turn into a young lady. The other girl is a sweet and dear friend of hers and was so thrilled with her dress after I had finished with it.
Thank you you all for such sweet posts concerning my Lil boy. He is still a little whiny but at least he is in good health. No one else has had that bug- I think we are good to go.
We have had a beautiful spring here this year- we usually go from winter straight into a hot summer. This is one of my pretty lilies that bloom in spite of the concern I give them. LOL I do not have a green thumb and these pretty flowers just brighten my day because they haven't died. This is the 3rd year they have bloomed and these are by far the prettiest blooms they have ever had.
We have also had other visitors at our house. My husband spotted this hen from our kitchen window and I snuck out to get a photo of her. Can you see her? Maybe we will be in their new travel paths. All creatures great and small remind of us His glory. I am always in awe at the beauty of His creations that we are blessed with!


Pat Winter said…
Don't you just love the little gifts in life? I do see the hen and the lily is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!

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