I don't have a picture to share but a story of great generosity. My dear neighbor wanted to return the favor of keeping kids. She has always been an advocate for my kids- extending invites to basketball practices she coaches to swimming at a pool she was employed as a life guard. She called and offered to keep the boys and we agreed for Sat. morning so that I could go to the Dallas Bead Society meeting that I have longed to attend ( for almost a year). I told her that I would need to be back by 2 to take my boys to a cousin's 4th birthday party. She offered to take them to that too. Then I said that I still needed to buy the gift ( I had procrastinated thinking I had all day Saturday), she offered to do that too so that I could enjoy the day with no pressure! That was music to my ears, never have I had such a generous offer. She also offered to keep them for the one Sat. a month for future DBS meetings. What a Doll! I am truly blessed because this is one more step in a greater plan for ministry. The doors were opened just as Pastor said they would be. Many things have been set into motion from being able to attend these meetings and Pure JOY, has taken over.
Folks keep your eyes on Him, stay your minds on the word, stand still and know that HE is God! He will turn you night into day, give you beauty for ashes, and trade your sorrows for the joy of the Lord. He loved us while we were yet still sinners, not perfect but totally flawed!


Anonymous said…
How lovely for you to have a break from the kids .You are blessed to have such a kind Neighbour. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and my friend is having the kids ,I'm really looking forward .The best of us deserve a break now and then .Love from sesga xx

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