Another cab- beaded

Here is what I have been working on for that past couple of days. I am a little stuck as to what to do with it now, so if you have some suggestions I would welcome your comments. I had thought of several things but I just haven't seen what to do in my mind yet-- no clue-- please help!!!
It is about 7 inches from the top to the end of the longest fringe it could be a large pendant, a huge brooch, an applique, the center applique of a medicine wheel etc... It is large enough to be anything.
I had started to download my photos from the printer reading the memory card because my USB cord was no longer sending messages from the camera to the hard drive. So there were a few pictures that I have been unable to retrieve, well to day I tried the cable and it worked-- Praise God! Now I am able to post a picture of this beautiful young woman who is my second cousin. She is proudly sporting a dress that I altered for her - she lost weight before prom and have to have it cinched up-- you go girlfriend!
I barely made it in time to take photos of her before she left but I did get a picture of her dad giving her the beautiful corsage. It was such a touching moment and reminded me of my dad when I went to prom.
I also go to see my other dear second cousin (Whitney) who will be going of to college soon. I sure hope she still calls me when she needs to talk! She is the daughter I never had, Love you sweety!
Hope you all have a blessed day! And to all those Veteran's and their families- THANK YOU- it is because of you that I can sit in my air-conditioned home and whine about the gas prices and praise My Father in Heaven in peace. I LOVE YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!


Kiwi Ellen said…
Hey again Ralonda, I love this cab & think it would make a super pin....
Gypsy said…
If you decide to go with the necklace, maybe take a look at Lynn M's latest- a sort of freeform with bits of wire twisted and beads coming off it in different ways, but I would definitely vote for copper wire and turquoise beads!

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