As promised

Here is the photo of the cab I painted yesterday while I encouraged my children to do their school-work. The frog and the lady have the same colored eyes-- a special touch I thought. I have another that is ready to be painted too, but I am considering making her blond with green eyes with a more pale complexion.
I finally put beads on my magic carpet piece. I am not liking it yet but as it fills in I might get to liking it. I am considering giving it to my mother - She has grown very fond of my work and puts it in a glass case with her swarovsky figurines. It too will mean something special, since it is a scene from a garden where our beloved dogs Chewbacca (rottweiler) and Captain(doberman) lived- they would have been buried there but the area is below sea level (in N.O., LA) so it wasn't possible. Have a blessed day and I hope to be posting more often now that school is coming to a close.


Kiwi Ellen said…
Hi Ralonda - I love your painted cab, how do you plan to use it?
Thank you for the comments on my blog. I don't get to visit the blogs I have on my list very often but find that's a way to keep them handy so I can when I have time
Ralonda said…
Ellen, haven't quite decided what to do with it (exactly). I also made a blonde green eyed version of it to play with. I have considered listing then on ETSY but I haven't been able to list lately. I will be posting a Aative American man painted cab soon that I have beaded around. I want to finish him first though.

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